The White House A “Super Spreader”

Why the White House may now be considered a "super spreader".
Pretty, isn’t it? Why The White House May be a super-spreader of a place for covid-19

***Again, please NOTE: I AM sending best wishes to both Trump and Melania and all who have tested Positive for Covid-19 to get well totally and soon!****

I’m not much for prayers. Though some may send them and hope, I instead send best wishes and energies to all infected to get well and do it soon. Trump and Melania may be well known but, they are not the ONLY ones who have tested positive for this virus. There are literally MILLIONS of known cases throughout the world, not the least of which are those who are included in the group known as “The Long Haulers”. Even those younger folk who have faced it and allegedly “recovered” from it, do not know the long termed effects of it. Let’s hope that there aren’t any of course, but we simply don’t know. All that anyone can do is to hope for the best.

That said, is there any reason for us to think that there is any way out of this predicament even with all of the “precautions” that are put into place? More key here is the idea that perhaps, just perhaps, the White House is a hotbed of Covid-19 and one of what’s referred to as “Super Spreaders”?

The answer to that question is likely yes in spite of the numbers that tend to grow all over the globe right now.

No masks…that’s not manly/brave and it conflicts with personal rights!

Really? No masks? Take one look at the head of the White House and Country and what it has done to him. If anyone believes him to be right, I have some swamp land and a bridge to sell to those who want to trust him. What about other’s rights? Does that matter to you and NO, staying at home or in a safe environment isn’t an answer either. People need to be able to go out grocery shopping and to medical appointments etc. or where these anti-maskers have been and that’s not to mention hospitals, testing centres and so much more.

If anyone were to say to say what has already been said, “don’t even do grocery shopping”…the dog is looking mighty good to those who have them or hasn’t tried to get groceries delivered to them. Try waiting 3 weeks or better for a delivery of eggs or bread or milk. Forget TP or paper towels. The shelves are bared once again with panic buying yet again. Why? Is there a shortage of TP and Paper Towels going to hit that most others are not aware of happening soon? Try returning those to a store when it’s discovered that there was no need to rush and no space in basements or lockers anymore for coffee or tea or whatever else one wants and needs instead. Sellers on Amazon do price gouge for these things and they’re run off of their feet, some having to resort to losing their lunches or dinners to serve the public overpriced items. However, go ahead and figure it out first hand if this isn’t to be believed and while others are at it, wait for that delivery to be brought to you. Best of luck with that.

Wearing a mask to get into a store and then taking it off or wearing it as a chin-strap doesn’t help anyone else.

Trump didn’t believe that it could happen to him and yet, look at what did happen to him. If anyone is of the belief that Hope Hicks was the one person who spread it to him, take a second thought. Did she also spread it to all of those who are testing positive as I’m typing this and who were in contact with them all while NOT wearing masks? Please don’t insult other’s intelligences by saying that Trump got tested regularly. He didn’t. That’s for certain and it’s been admitted already.

Where is your helicopter pad on your front lawn, a doctor living with you who is bullet proof to this virus and access to both types of testings as well as a Presidential Suite?

Anyone thinking that this virus is a walk in the park because Trump says so, please go out the front of your home and check for a private jet or helicopter pad along with a top notch hospital around. While anyone is at it, look under your beds too for a doctor who may be taking a nap but, who lives there, keeping tabs on anything that happens. Is he/she only for those in that household?

Medications, testings etc., does anyone else have access to them?

Oh yes, many may say that with all that Trump is taking and in a grand suite with an entire team of doctors at his disposal, means that his 74 years of age, his buckets of KFC beside him, render him incapable of dying. Let’s hope that it’s true but, may anyone who thinks that way be asked if they have those types of things available to them?

I’m young though so, it won’t hurt me. I’ll get few to no symptoms from it so, I’m going out to a bar or restaurant or the beaches down south.

Again, there are bridges and swamp lands to be bought if anyone under the “danger ages” believe that within themselves.

Guess what? You’re in as much, if not more danger than other people are.

Why is this being mentioned yet again? Haven’t I already said this in previous pieces? Don’t we all hear it every day? Why say it again?

It’s being said again because younger people don’t seem to be getting the message. That’s why.

Guess what? Younger people may have different symptoms but, their risk of getting long termed consequences aren’t small and may even plague them later on in life or within months or weeks of seemingly having recovered. Still want that dorm party, dance or think that you’re better off if you have it outdoors? Think again. That trip to a bar, without a mask, not physical distancing or whatever may be one of the last that will ever be held or attended by you. Make it well worth while or, something to be remembered for the rest of your life.

I don’t care about Grandma, Grandpa or anyone else living in my household. It’s me that counts!

What can be said about that type of attitude or belief that hasn’t already been said? Need anything further be said? It’s quite transparent for all to see with that type of thinking who these people are, why and who they are as people on this planet.

From all accounts, the White House, Trump and everyone else who follows him and his antics are what are considered “Super Spreaders”. While no one truly knows for certain who gave who the virus first, one thing is abundantly clear. Not wearing masks, no physical distancing, Campaign rallies doing the same things as in The Rose Garden Ceremony, are not safe for Covid no matter how many times a person is “screened”. Trump and Melania, along with Secret Service and others close to Trump, will all tell you that testing positive is not helping anything or anyone. Even Trump’s Joy Ride yesterday will likely uncover more and more and even more positive testings of an abundance of White House people or employees. It’s a certainty. It’s only a matter of when they get their test results, not if.

I have a bottle of bleach should anyone want it for $50! After all, Trump suggested it and didn’t use it, himself.

Be well, stay well, wear masks and quit hoarding if you are doing so.

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