Could Trump NOT Have Had Covid-19

Mask off….”Honey, I’m home!”

Please Note: I’ve said it a couple of times already. I wish and send good energies to all of those affected by Covid-19, including Trump and Melania Trump.

That said, I wish to wonder for a moment if Trump actually does and has truly tested Positive for Covid-19 or was this all staged as though it was a reality show he was on?

If this were anyone else, I’d be taking the diagnosis as the real deal but, with Trump…I have to have my potential doubts and questions. Why?

  1. Trump was losing and is losing in the campaign so, was this a way to excuse himself from the debates?
  2. He’s been dogged by so many for his tax returns which he really has refused to give…deflection, deflection and more deflection?
  3. Covid-19 has been on the minds of every single person within this world. Is Trump that narcissistic that he’d endanger every life within his platoons of “power” such as his staff and security staff? Including a White House Photographer?
  4. The drugs that he’s received is that under his insistence that he get them or his doctor’s orders?
  5. Is it a way with which he figures he can turn the pages on “I had Covid-19 and I tried all of the drugs FOR YOU,” thereby, garnering himself some forms of sympathy and empathy while also saying “no one has done more than I have done for you all”.
  6. I know that I don’t have access to everything that he has had access to as well as experimental drugs, a full time doctor and a private helicopter to transport him to hospital. Do you? Not to mention hoarded ventilators and so much more.
  7. Was he really sick or did he have a reaction to the “Regeneron” (antibodies from those who have had the disease) that was given as an experimental drug, not through the stages of trials and only at a reported Stage 2?
  8. Did ignoring everything that so many health authorities have tried to tell the public do the opposite for those who didn’t believe the dangers of the virus in the first place? (No, I am not delusional or a sheep and, I don’t need a joint so, please don’t say so.)
  9. If he was infected, where were the “daily” tests reports that he allegedly took? When did he last test “negative” before testing “positive”? Why aren’t they forthcoming with that if there was nothing to hide?
  10. Did his experimental drug injection or whatever make him test positive on a PCR test?
  11. Why did he pull off that mask once back at the WH?
  12. If he’s doing so well, why don’t they simply do the debate virtually, thereby, saving others from potential exposure to Covid if in fact he does have it?
  13. Did doctors at the hospital want Trump to go to the WH because he wasn’t able to be contained to an entire suite and was out greeting veterans?
  14. What happens to the WH now? Is he contained to one area or is he free to roam the halls freely and infecting more and more people if he has the virus?
  15. What about disinfecting the entire place and keeping him contained so that he doesn’t infect others and is he back to not wearing a mask again?
  16. How much influence did Trump have over Connely, his Walter Reed head doc?
  17. Who agreed and who disagreed with his joy ride on Sunday?
  18. Does putting a “positive spin” on everything make Covid any less dangerous or potentially, Trump more powerful?
  19. Are the SS Agents quaranteening now after that “joy ride” Trump took?
  20. Staffers are getting sick so, has Trump’s homecoming to a staff of world wide best physicians really thrown the WH into chaos?

These are only a small portion of questions that runs through enquiring minds like mine. What are the answers and did he know about this positive test or did he have it at all?

From my little corner of life to yours, there are many questions so, careful how you vote. Remember that a lot of damage can be done over 4 years by one person as can lying.

Be well, stay well and

Love and Light!

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

One thought on “Could Trump NOT Have Had Covid-19

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