You Aren’t Helping: Covid-19

Why protests, gatherings and other things like parties, are causing people to lose their rights too.
Protests can be held off until AFTER Covid-19 . No physical distancing!

When are those who protest, loot and riot going to get the idea that their protests are considered “super spreader” events even if held outdoors?

Without physical distancing those few masks being worn and an outdoor setting is not going to stop Covid from getting through to you. Worse, even if those who do this type of thing are willing to risk being ill and figuring that they won’t die from it, guess again. Even more disgusting is the idea that those involved could be sending other members of their families to hospital to either have to stay alone or worse, die. There are also long termed consequences to having the virus even if one is asymptomatic. Is your “cause” really worth it? Do you want a protest over that now too because you’re being halted for wanting to hang out in coffee shops, restaurants, bars, dance clubs, gyms, movies etc.?

Racial issues have been within systems for decades. Are Covid times really the time to battle these issues?

While it’s known that racial issues have been around for decades to thousands of years, why pick a Covid time and place to deal with it all right now? Think about that the next time you’re leaping out to protest something, including things like closings. You’re part of the problem. You’re taking it home with you to possibly kill off other family members. Do you care? Or, are your “rights” more important to you?

If a protest has been started, believe that there’s the potential and real possibility that there won’t be a hospital bed or ICU unit available for anyone. More key is the idea that it’s your actions that have resulted in closures of testing facilities, going to parties, clubs, weddings, gatherings, meals, movies, protests and many other things. Get your long underwear out to eat or drink outside and be prepared to do school online. Is it worth it?

What about the idea that may be coming up, if you’ve been at a protest or some form of illegal gathering not only will you have a fabulous number of dollars worth of tickets to pay, but you may not be able to actually go home for at least 14 days. You may be facing having to stay in now emptied hotels or dorms so that you cannot infect others within society or your family. Grandma, Grandpa, parents, uncles and aunts don’t deserve to die or be ill because you’ve made a raunchy choice. You’ll also have the bills to that stay as well. Good luck to you all. We sincerely hope that your cause was worth it or that party or gathering because there’s a great price tag to it all coming. If you don’t believe that it will happen, try this again. it will. It’s coming if you don’t stop.

While we’re at it, STOP CLOGGING UP TESTING FACILITIES! You aren’t that important and are going to have trouble getting checked/tested.

Keep pushing the boundaries and limits and see your lives go down the tubes for years to come.

From my little corner of life to yours, the elderly, their caregivers, doctors, nurses etc., they have no choice in what they do and they didn’t expect this anymore than you or anyone else did. They are run off of their feet with work. LEAVE THE PROTESTING AND GATHERINGS FOR ANOTHER TIME. YOU WILL SURVIVE IT ALL IF YOU DON’T RIGHT RACIAL ISSUES NOW OR STOP PARTIES/GATHERINGS.

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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