I’m Canadian Sounding Like Trump

Don’t use a mask to get into a store then pull it down like a chin strap or keep it below your nose and please don’t protest. Unless you’re asking questions like me about this Pandemic!

I’m still on the fence about this one and I take Covid-19 seriously but, could it be that PCR testing isn’t meant to diagnose Covid? Did inventor K. Mullis who died in 2019, ironically and sadly of pneumonia, cardiac and kidney issues, (pre-covid) truly mean that the PCR test could be used in such a manner or are we being hoodwinked by a PCR Pandemic? The jury is still out on this one and no, I am not a Conspiracy Theorist but someone who is simply questioning what is what and why it is that way.

I used to be but am no longer of the belief system that politicians know it all and have our best interests at heart. In fact, they don’t. They all have their political biases and themselves placed as first in line. Not the people who elected them. I’m not even talking about Trump here but rather, Canadian politicians. Are there one or two good apples in the bunch? It could be. I just haven’t met them yet as sincere as they make themselves appear to be. They are, after all, politicians and we wouldn’t trust them as far as we could throw them, right?

In spite of people, scientists etc., not knowing about this new Covid Virus or Sars-Cov-2, not being a doctor, scientist or anything of the sort, am still questioning all of this.

My grandmother, grandfather (other side of the family), Mother-In-Law and many others that I know, have passed away from pneumonia. Their passings happened decades before Covid-19 so, that’s never been in question for me. Even Mullis (the creator of the PCR test) died well before Covid was detected of pneumonia and was, though I hate to say it, a frequent drug user, including LSD and booze. He was no choir angel either when it came to marriages as he’d had at least 3, if not 4 in his lifetime. Is there any wonder? That’s not to put him down in any way but, rather to illustrate the potential flawed person he was. It’s also not meant to take away the fact that he did win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985 for having invented the PCR test as well as having been called as an “expert witness” (which never happened for some odd reason) as to the infamous O.J. Simpson trial. PCR testing from my puny mind, is meant for DNA samples, paternity, genetic issues on small fragments of DNA. Covid is NOT DNA. It’s RNA and therefore, not only do they have to replicate DNA (double helix of RNA) but, they then have to toss the “shell” of it, bind it to markers (thus, the reagent), split it before applying the reagent via heat (steps may be out of whack here as I’m not a scientist or lab technician) but, also magnify the crap out of it. Tell me that mistakes couldn’t be made in even one of these steps. Even if they’re not or I’m wrong about the process, the fact that there is so much involved in it means that it’s fallible. They’ve said that a PCR test can be up to 30% wrong with false negatives and positives. If you’re negative, it could be a false negative, lab issue or processing problem or it could be that you’re not shedding the day it was done (too soon, too early or missed). It doesn’t mean that once you get the results it’s always going to be negative, does it? Think about that before you leap to answer.

What astounds me is that while Mullis’ PCR testings could detect things like genetic issues, blood samples, etc., it’s unclear to this author whether or not it was ever invented or had been used to diagnose diseases such as Sars-Cov-2?

I’m likely not saying anything that many people have considered or even fought for but, in listening to a German Doctor last night, I discovered the idea that less testing meant that the numbers would go down remarkably. Duhhh. Did I sound like Trump with that idea? I think I did. Is he right? Are scientists right? Who is right and who is wrong or is there such a thing?

Those are some of the questions that I’m pondering over to date and yet, no one is going to have the answers as politicians and even healthcare workers break every rule and are caught, known to date. That’s why it’s not wise to trust anyone, including Trump or Biden.

While this is not by any means meant to be a scientific or even medical or political piece, it’s turning out to sound like one. It’s not. It’s this author’s questionings only.

Here are some of those questions though:

  1. Are PCR testings meant to be used as a diagnosis? Were they ever created/meant to do such?
  2. If a “bat/civet” were to have passed onto humans the virus in a wet market in Wuhan China via zoonotic principles, why is it that only that one bat seemed to do so? Why aren’t they continuing to do it and if they are, why are scientists not discovering them and working out a way to vaccinate all of them? Maybe, this entire pandemic would make more sense that way?
  3. Why are older people targeted and yet, have made it through while younger people having a hard time with it such as the “Long Haulers” or even years down the road having health issues with heart, lungs, kidneys etc.?
  4. Believe it or not, governments and others make BIG BUCKS during a pandemic like this one as has been said and proven. The same holds true for businesses who either needed a kick off the edge to end and were already barely making ends meet or who wanted to restructure anyway. A lot of their profit margins weren’t showing the gains that they wanted. Don’t believe it? Do some research. To those who have lost businesses or jobs because of this pandemic, you’ll either get work somewhere else that will be better for you or you’ll find another source or way to start up again either in another business venture or in some other way. Either way, my condolences to everyone who is in this position. It’s got to be incredibly hard to go through. In cheerleading fashion, though you cannot see it right now and may be in total despair, you’ll get through this and not look back. You’re going to find yourselves in a much better position down the road.
  5. We’ve all learned to get along with less and those who haven’t cooked before, have been learning as restaurants have been shut down at least once now, so that’s a no-go method though I hope that everyone who eats regularly in restaurants will look at the independents, still open and has take-out and will take advantage of using it.
  6. Schools are open and they’re worried about children’s mental health issues. Fair enough but, what about adults who don’t know where their next meal is coming from or whose mental health issues are more than down? Why is the world not concerned about that idea too? Adults are people who have troubled minds too. They need the consideration too, don’t they?
  7. Why are hospitals laying off or terminating jobs if they’re expecting an uptick in the numbers of positive cases who are moderate to severely symptomatic? It makes no sense to me. Why worry about a bottom line profit margin if things are as dire as they are? Something is not right here.
  8. Hospital staff have been having outbreaks and actually causing it to happen to patients who are there for surgeries. Why is it that happening? Shouldn’t healthcare workers know better than anyone how this works and why? Shouldn’t they be avoiding crowds, wearing masks, washing their hands and physical distancing too? We’re all so fed up with hearing it, so why is it that they don’t follow what is being preached?
  9. How is it that both Boris Johnson of the U.K. Prime Minister fame, as well as Trump can get Covid-19, both be in hospitals, knowing what it’s like to have it, both be so different in their approaches? On the one hand, we’ve got Johnson who is like a puppet, taking politics down one road that is quite different than say, Trump who still wears no mask in spite of it all and tells the public not to be afraid of it? If that’s how politics work, I want no part of it in any way. I don’t want to be a politician nor do I want some politician telling me what I can or can’t do. There, it’s been said.
  10. If a government can’t keep up with the testing and processing of these tests, why try to double them? What good are they doing anyone?
  11. Lab technicians and even doctors are tired out and walking off the job or being fatigued to the point of exhaustion and yet, they are all part of the healthcare systems of the world. How dangerous is this new virus really? I know that talking to patients who have been deemed to have had it will tell their stories but, how is it that doctors can walk off of jobs, lab technicians not be able to keep up with all of the testings etc.. How is it that mistakes are not being made?
  12. Symptoms of Covid are so similar to every other viral and bacterial disease, how does one differentiate what one has other than through worsening of symptoms? Why aren’t hospitals wiping down or disinfecting as they say that they are doing? I know that they’re not doing it and staff is floating around and away from Covid patients floors like butterflies.
  13. “Get the flu shot, get the flu shot, get the flu shot”. How many of us have been hearing this over and over and over again? Yet, in wearing masks, staying away from crowds, physically distancing, isolating, not going on trips, washing our hands until they are cracking etc., why would we want one this year when a) it’s been such a low year for the flu in the southern hemisphere that it was nearly non-existent and, b) the measures that we’ve been told to take is meant to stop or slow down a “killer virus”? Isn’t the flu a virus? Am I mistaken?
  14. Our daughter (now estranged and gone from our lives as stated in other pieces written upon this space), was inoculated against pertussis on many different occasion yet still got it as did my husband and myself later on from her. We never got a PCR test for that and yet, those who showed no symptoms were given the PCR test where there were many “positives” and an epidemic that wasn’t, was declared. How did that happen and why? Test Pandemic/Epidemic?
  15. What about the normal surgeries, cancers, knee replacements, hip replacements etc.? Are they no longer of concern? Don’t they need help? Why are they being stopped and wouldn’t cancer surgeries be priorities since they cause deaths too? Something isn’t right? What about heart attacks or the summer colds? Did they disappear? Why aren’t they talking about those too? Again, something doesn’t make sense to me.
  16. Housing prices are way up. Agents are clamouring for business it seems. How is it that housing can be even more unaffordable during a pandemic given that there’s so little on the market as everyone worries about Covid?
  17. Why on earth are doctors and everyone else who can, working from home and yet, public transit is filled to the brim when they’ve let go of so many employees? How healthy is that type of scenario?
  18. Children going to schools as though they are nothing except big daycare centres and while the rules may be somewhat followed during certain time frames, the numbers are going up and yet, they’re kept open? Even if kids need schools for mental health issues and socialization, what is that saying about the teachers who teach these kids?
  19. Busing for these kids are not ideal either. They are not only filled to the brim where they’ve shown everyone otherwise in lovely PR stunts, but these kids are taking off masks, twirling them around and shooting them across the aisles at one another? How is that safe for Grandma or Grandpa, Auntie, or Uncle or those with co-morbidities?
  20. Let’s not forget stores which all seemed to have abandoned proper protocols of making numbers in stores at a certain level, keeping on masks, not following footprints or arrows on floors and yet again, a lot of people in differing places, finding empty shelves again? It’s like “ok, we have our plexiglass shields up for our cashiers…you’re on your own shoppers” type of attitudes? IF there is that kind of concern, shouldn’t someone or several be enforcing the “rules”?

There are plenty of more questions that I have but, from my little corner of this pandemic to yours, I’m tired of it all. Perhaps, Covid fatigue has settled into me as well now? I do know one thing though. I do NOT trust politicians anymore or in any way. The rest…well, let’s continue questioning a virus for which they know so little about and yet, they tell the public a lot about how to prevent it and not follow it themselves.

Keep in mind one thing here. If you aren’t already questioning things as I am still doing, what is this virus doing to mankind, the world and is it as bad, frightening or whatever as they say that it is for most people (some are unfortunate for sure)? What happened to good ole diseases? Has Covid made them all disappear and are doctors putting “death due to Covid-19” as the causes of deaths because it’s not proven one way or the other to be any other reason? Could that be the case? One last thing to ponder…how did they come up with a PCR test for the first case and what about how quickly they discovered a test sampling? Still any questions? Put them below. I’d love to hear them.

Best of wishes to all!
Stay well, be well,

Love and Light!

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