Are Politicians Full of Hot Air?

Idiot Ontariians will believe anything I say! (Premier of Ontario…Ford)

I’m angry and I’m not going to shut up about it now.

A scathing report was publicly released today from the AG (Auditor General) and her office yet she was quickly shot down as was her report by Premier Doug Ford and his political cronies.

I have an easy job. Just show up at press breifings, doing nothing! (Williams)

Part of it was based upon Ontario’s SLOW response to Covid-19 and how Dr. Williams was listened to throughout this ongoing pandemic. Municipal people like Toronto Mayor John Tory and Dr. Eileen DeVilla stood by while a Toronto restaurant went against public orders to lock down his restaurant and opened in spite of it with throngs of people at the wait for it to open. There was not even an attempt to physically distance, no masks and the restaurant was filled to capacity which didn’t even follow other restrictions placed upon restaurants during earlier times in this pandemic.

Think you’re smart! I’ll get around this one doing the “snake dance” as all politicians do! (Mayor of Toronto)

  1. The AG wasted her time energy and possible ink from a printer in getting this report out and the restaurant owner got in a full day of business, closing at his normal closing time, opening again today and will open again possibly tomorrow while more and more protests are being planned that you can bet won’t be socially distanced even if they do bother to wear any masks.
  2. The province of Ontario brought in the MILITARY early on in this pandemic, risk their lives and while they took the military’s recommendations for a short few weeks, they’ve gone back to normal.
  3. MORE small business owners are planning on opening up this week too.
  4. Police and by-law officers required “meetings” with which to charge and close this restaurant which allowed him a full day’s worth of business to be done, closing at his normal closing time meanwhile.
  5. What this guy was charged with had less to do with lockdown measures, no one else even caught on camera, faces visible were charged for not wearing a mask, no social distancing whatsoever, having usurped not only lockdown measures but common knowledge.
  6. Canada, under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, allegedly has shut down production of vaccines and allowed or required Canada to seek out vaccines later than other countries. A highly technological country can’t do this? Why?
  7. If in fact, Premier Ford has listened to Dr. Williams’ advice, is this doctor brain dead? What was he listening to or shall we say that Doug Ford’s voice was louder than anyone else’s? Have there been disclosure agreements signed? What on earth is going on?
  8. I’ve also complained about illegal parties, car break-ins and such and yet, nothing has been done. Why?
  9. Why does Ontario NOT have the rapid testings that other countries have and why do more testings than a lab can handle, sending them down to the U.S. to be processed?
  10. Why, when this Dr. Williams was due to retire in February of 2021 has he be retained long afterwards by months? Is there a bus waiting for him to be thrown under at that point or will the nursing homes and Long Term Care homes be emptied or nearly by that time so that Ford can run an election?
  11. Are lockdown measures in Ontario NOT meant to be real or enforced and the ONLY reason this restauranteur wasn’t charged right away by virtue of the act or law of lockdown because it’s not enforceable in spite of cries from politicians, hoping to hang onto their jobs and through another mandate/election, meaningless?
  12. If any of us hear the words, “we’re going to throw the book at you” once more, most of us will laugh in their faces. Watch it happen as more and more “locked down establishments” re-open. There won’t be enough police or by-law officers available as I’ve found out the hard way. What a waste.
  13. Why did it take this establishment’s (restaurant) lack of a business license to shut him down only to reopen again today and likely will try again tomorrow while he’s made 2 full days worth of money, made a point and no tickets have gone out to those who frequented, maskless and with NO social distancing, NOT get ticketed?
Four Score and 20 years ago….wait….I have a dream….no…how can I spin this? (Prime Minister of Canada)

It’s likely that all day could be taken up with points but suffice it to say that when even healthcare providers are sick and passing Covid onto their patients who had none to begin with, there are issues galore that need to be dealt with properly. These governments are not up to the task.

Most of all, why is Canada, a world technology best NOT allowing vaccine production or PPE or otherwise and why is it that more PCR testings are being done that can’t be processed while people are told to self-isolate? There are so many more questions too.

Every citizen able to get out needs to vote!

From my little corner of life to yours, this author is aiming to vote and do everything in their power to get these officials out of office as the elections come up. We’re not even done with Ford’s ineptness as a premier except through what one could only count as long commercials for the political realm that he’s in. By the way, he’s a business owner in the U.S. as well so…you do the math so to speak. Meanwhile, let him attend more and more weddings, maskless, no physical distancing, sharing meals with his daughters who do not live with him anymore, their boyfriends, check on his cottage when he’d instructed the rest of Ontario not to do it and invited everyone to get a test (PCR test that is) while making cheesecake and bragging about it. Let’s also not forget those who took their private jets to vacation elsewhere in Canada and were caught or the Prime Minister of Canada who spent Easter at his in-law’s with them all, including his wife who was just getting past Covid and his children who were at home with him in Rideau Quebec.

Mind you, a politician is a politician, through and through. One doesn’t make a difference over the other, including municipally (city politicians, mayors etc.). Don’t trust them! None of them. Ford is simply a yellow version of Trump who is orange. I say that with a laugh but full of seriousness.

Be well,

Love and Light!

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