So This Is Christmas…What Has 2020 Done

2020 Stole Christmas Too?

First of all, in case I forget to say it, may your days be as merry and bright as they can be right now.

Let’s get right to the meat of things then shall we?

2020 was a horrible year for atrocities and mental health as well as deaths and so much more, wasn’t it? It’s really curbed most people’s not only financial abilities but more key here, personal capabilities. How many hours of tv, Netflix, Meditation or simply staying away from others can a person or people be expected to do? HINT: I’ve done all of mine now. I’m ready to punch a few politicians in the head. I say that with a laugh because I’m not going to do it but push me far enough and I may.

Just as we are to get a vaccine which could for many, mean months, there’s a few questions that I have about this stuff.

  1. What if the Ct values or amplification is too high or needlessly high? When they leave it up to each lab to decide what magnification to use (at first or even now) how is that a Ct beyond 20 cycles proves more? 20 cycles tend to show that there is an active virus and no, I am not a virologist but I’ve listened to many.
  2. Does it do anyone any good to get a result of “yes” or “no” back from these PCR tests back some days after the virus if one were to have had it? By then, are people not already past the infectious stage?
  3. Why do more PCR tests and “bank” them when it’s not possible to do them all and have thousands which have no results to them to those who went through it all?
  4. Who is monitoring that labs for contamination?
  5. Why is it that airports are STILL taking in people internationally who are travelling and doing so without proper monitoring?
  6. Lock everyone who is locked down and loose businesses or jobs based upon rising numbers that only get more numerous due to testings that are done upon symptoms or non-symptoms?
  7. Produce a so-called “vaccine” that has never been made or used the same as any other vaccine to date then lock everyone down as hopes get raised on them, tell them that there’s an even faster spreading variant and that the lockdowns need to continue or be put into place?
  8. Waiting several days to a week to place areas or regions into lockdown don’t make any sense at all. It only crowds more and more people into places before it happens. Wouldn’t it make even more sense to either poop or get off of the pot?
  9. If Lab workers and doctors, nurses etc., are tired out after 10 months, why are there even more loaded onto their shoulders while some take vacations during a pandemic and other places were already laying off staff and in financial trouble to begin with?
  10. Let’s take into account too that there is something called “human error” when things get so far into the game of being tired out and burned out. Again, why load even more and more onto them? Is it more to fix broken systems that were losing money Pre-pandemic while others have already gone under?
  11. We have found out that BIG (and I mean BIG) box stores were already on the edge and this just tipped them over. Why? Why too when we’re talking about hospitals? Something doesn’t make sense to me here but someone will tell me that it was bound to happen later and Covid simply accelerated it all. Does money make the world go round?
  12. Why is it that big shots like Dr. Birx can tell everyone to stay put and yet, go on vacation for Christmas with her family and 3 generations? This has happened with big shot politicians too. What is that saying? Do as I do, not as I say? That’s what it’s saying to me. Whatever happened to what’s good for the goose is good for the gander?
  13. How much do politics and money play into this virus and the pandemic?
  14. A lot of money seems to have been given out by governments. Is it really a lot or are they simply posturing because in the end, we’ll all be taxed more than we could believe?
  15. Hold onto the days in our homes because we’re about to become homeless? Is that why construction during lockdowns is still allowed to occur? Build more apartments and condo buildings?
  16. Put in alleged “laws” that truly aren’t enforceable? Why is it that a restauranteur was not only visited by police and by-law officers allowed to remain open for a full day and into a second one with the customers not told to mask or physical distance and why was it ok for this owner to shun the so-called “laws” without so much as a ticket being given out during a “lockdown phase” and only be slammed with charges because he had NO business license for two locations? How enforceable are these laws?
  17. Why, when dozens of people have called in to complain about illegal gatherings has nothing been done? I don’t want to hear that it’s because there aren’t enough by-law officers around when it takes them days to get there and everyone is gone so they can’t catch them in the act. Please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me that people without jobs couldn’t write out tickets. If one can write and is given a pen as well as the tickets on which to write out names what would it take to have a few day seminar to teach them Covid laws? There are hundreds of thousands of people without work during this pandemic. They don’t need to know other by-laws and we’ve already had the knowledge to physically distance, wash our hands and wear masks drilled into our heads. Does this make any sense to you?
  18. Today, they’ve announced that no one can “sue” either the governments nor Pfizer or Moderna for making the vaccines. If you have a life-long or even troublesome event from these things, you’re on your own buddy. The best one can hope for is to use the workmen’s comp or other insurances that your employer can provide for you. That is, all up to $50,000.00 per year that they can give you. Again, does this make sense to you or the fact that an employer CAN tell you that either you get vaccinated or you’re terminated?
  19. Does it also add up for you that it’s said that you aren’t obligated to get this shite put into your body no matter how hastily it’s been developed but if you don’t get it, you could find yourself being excluded from places like movie theatres and so much more? While it’s considered voluntary…is it really? Do we have a choice if we wish to live any type of normal lives?
  20. Why did the stock market go up and why did big box chain stores find ways to do business in spite of having BIG profit margins? Why did big box chain stores get to sell books for instance and clothing while smaller local stores weren’t even allowed to stay open at whatever capacity the governments wanted them to be at?
  21. If masks are required everywhere and this is so rampant did stores stop mandating numbers in stores, up and down arrows that no one needs to be able to read and employees not have to follow the protocols either?
  22. Why did some hospitals have outbreaks that were “employee” related? Shouldn’t they know the rules by now like the rest of us?
  23. Let’s talk about storage units who will rent out spaces to practically anyone and yet, these same people who rented them from the vendor will throw lavish get togethers allegedly, secretly and charge cover charges to get in? Shouldn’t the self-storage places be shut down too to new rentals or anything that’s outdoors?
  24. What about those who are traveling during the holidays? Millions of people in the U.S. are flying even within the country and Canada is doing the same. Why?
  25. If there is even the remotest of chances that the more spreadable variant of Covid is or will be spread to places like Canada or the U.S., why are plane loads of people still coming in daily without checks or balances and the same holds true for politicians who use the airports this way?

It’s natural that I could go on and on all day with huge question marks over all sorts of things Covid related but I won’t. Why? It’s because I’d hope that you’d have your thinking cap on too now like I do.

From my little corner of life to yours, there are many questions and confusion surrounding this tiny unseen virus from wherever it came from but it’s also of little to no use in ringing in 2021 as it’s likely to be a continuation or worse than 2020.

2020 was the year that didn’t exist and 2021 is shaping up to be the same way.

In the meantime, while ALL of us are down and gloomy about the future, let’s try to have at least a day in which we celebrate the things that we can. Forget about the gifts and stuffing or whatever is your favourite meal to have each Christmas. Feel lucky to be alive still. Keep on trucking because 2020 has brought me more questions than answers and lessons than I care to think about right now. It’s all about money and saving it wherever possible.

Be well!

Love and Light!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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