Marketing Gadgets Can Cause Money Loss

Has anyone ever bought something off of a tv informercial because it all appeared so easy to do that it seemed like some sort of dream gadget?

It’s not such a “dream gadget” in most cases. It’s simply great marketing of it.

Does anyone know how many studies and pitches marketing people go through in order to sell their products? Let’s say that it’s millions, including psychology. Yes, they will even learn how to pitch an item via psychological conditioning and study the studies done by polls and other ways to preach the holy grail of sales to the masses.

If it looks easy, it’s going to save you and others time, right?

Hold the horses here. Right here. It’s never as simple as they show it on tv or commercials/infomercials. The pitch person has not only practised this or these items over and over again but marketers and manufacturers who hire marketing firms will lie to you.

How do they lie?

The edit the everliving crap out of how things turn out. Sometimes, it’s not the once that they’ve had the finished product produced but because of many takes. There are even times when the end product is not at all from the product that they’re selling. It can be clearly seen that it’s not the same thing. Where does all of that footage go that they’ve taken? They’ve hit the delete button on many occasions. Take one look at YouTubers who flip something in the air and in “bloopers” or at the end of the video, while it may look like they’ve done it in one try, the truth is, there are more takes than one cares to think about and it’s all been edited together to look like it’s been tried only once. Don’t believe me? Watch YouTubers who admit or show bloopers that they had to try 40 or 49 times before they got a shot the way that they wanted it to go. The same holds true for those who do beauty stuff or artists do in what seems like one shot, have you ever tried it and said to yourself or someone else “they make it seem so easy on the video!”. Little do people know (until they try it for themselves) that the person who taped it all, has 400 pieces tossed somewhere off camera that weren’t exactly what they wanted to show.

The same thing holds true for marketing.

Have you ever been down the aisles of hair care products and wondered what the difference is because there’s so many of them? You’ve walked off angry, frustrated and perhaps hot, only to hear someone who is trying to sell their own products tell you that drug store stuff is bad for you? How about makeup and high names or entire stores devoted to say, makeup? Has your wallet gone dry or been stripped as well as your bank account because you’re convinced that the more expensive stuff is the best? In some cases, yes it is better but in most, it’s not. It’s marketing. You’re paying for the name and store and fancy retail clerks not the product.

I was in both a drug store and I’ve been down the aisles for instance of a hair care store. Let me tell you that I’ve read more labels and ingredients than I care to read. They ALL, including the fancy smancy and pricey shampoos and conditioners. They all contained similar ingredients or the same. I was about to pay for fancy packaging and don’t get me started on the natural stuff. It’s code for expensive with no real benefits beyond the labelling of the products or plant based ingredients. Remember that terming something as “natural” doesn’t mean “without risk”.

My underarms from “natural” deodorants smelled horrible after half a day and my hair laid and even stood on end no matter how much I tried to slick it down, in a matted state until I washed and conditioned my hair with normal shampoo and conditioner.

I’ve paid over $90.00 Cdn at a hair salon for their fancy shampoos and conditioners and realized that my drug store brand at $14.00 CAD was and worked far better. That also goes for beauty supply places that hairdressers get their original formulations in while in 5 gallon drums and pour it into bottles, marking the price way up on it so that they make a ton of the greenbacks on your credit or debit card.

Did you know that Ponds for instance that has been around since our grandmother’s times, was the cleanser and people would lather it onto their faces as a moisturizer? It does as good a job as any of the higher priced products that line the shelves beside it. It wasn’t until it was discovered that if they labelled it differently, they could sell 2 products instead of one. If one were to look at the bottom shelves, beyond the $49 or $75 or more products, one will find it.

I also found that not only did VO5 provide leave in conditioning and did the job of several products in one but, it left hair shiny too. I feel horrible that it’s gone now as they no longer make the product that was in the men’s section and worked better than anything else on the ladies aisle.

If you’re hooked on say “Mac” products…keep in mind that you’re paying for not only the name but the stores, the fancy packaging, clerks and marketing but so much more too. Whoever thought of “real Italian pizza” with Italian songs etc. on commercials then went on to hear “by Dr. Oetker” has a few cells missing if they believe that crap. Thankfully, the product is good and cheap but it goes to show that anyone caught up in something and believing that it’s somehow better is caught up in marketing, not the product necessarily.

From my little corner of life to yours, realize that marketing whether it’s by an individual in saying “buy my book(s)” or “course(s)” will also come to the realization that marketing comes in many different forms but isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be and that you could be being fooled into buying something because it looks so authentic or the person selling it to you seems so nice. Think twice, please.

On that note,

Have a great day or evening or weekend.

Love and Light!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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