Racism And Prejudice Exists But Not Just For Blacks

Prejudice exists within even the Black Community and everyone feels it at some point or another.
Prejudice exists everywhere, including in the Black Community

I know that racism exists but if one were to think of their own circumstances, it’s not just against the Black population. It’s everywhere for all sorts of reasons.

Yes, I know that there a ton of Black Lives Matter activists and a whole pile of people who will scream out about this topic and at me for having said what others are thinking but the truth is that if one were to look at a 20 something year old and upwards who shouts out the “RACIST” titles at others, they need to do some home cleaning before they go shouting this title out.

Once upon a time, I owned a store with a business partner. The sentiments that came from others was totally disgraceful and tell-tale of a society that screams out racist at every turn. Add to it the fact that Black people would NOT do business with a White person yet would pay far more for the exact same things and spit into our store and you can see what I am saying.

Naively, I went into having a store and believing that all people were equally treated. Not so. If one wasn’t of the same culture or race or weight or whatever one can imagine, they were let know that they weren’t welcomed into the area. Did it simply involve the Black population? No! It came from every culture, colour, race, creed, religion, financial group etc.. However, suffice it to say that I didn’t ask for the colour of my skin or anything else that I have to spite them especially those who would be the ones who screamed and cried and spit into our store which sold what that community was looking to garner. Frankly, I’m fed up with paying for whatever it is that they want. It’s not me who has done this to them nor, is it me who is holding it there. It’s them. They are the ones doing it and quite honestly, I’m fed up with being one who takes it all because of the colour of my skin, my car (which is not fancy by any means of the word) nor my country of origin. More clearly, let me say right here and now that I did not enslave others and I am not going to take blame for something that I didn’t do and never would. I may be White but I am about as far from slavery as the 30 something year old who is standing with a microphone or bull horn, calling on police to change or be defunded. It was never my choice to enslave people nor was it or is it those who stand out in protests about slavery and never have met someone who was a slave.

Though it’s more than likely that I will receive a lot of flack about this piece from the Black community…think twice before you set off on a keyboard to call me names. I am NOT talking about Blacks only here. I am talking about everyone who holds any type of a grudge against someone else’s lot in life. Got it? No? Ok, read on.

Lest anyone think that they are perfect or following a fad with the “Black Lives Matter” groups, think again. Are YOU perfect? Do YOU have NO prejudices? Does it bother you to see those who have better cars or houses? What about their religions? How about you judging others because you are one way and someone else is another? If you can answer any of these questions then you need to think about your own issues because you are “racist” too.

If anyone thinks that they hold the keys to having racism under their experiences, think again. Everyone has felt it at some point or another. Every single person walking this earth with some sort of experience under their belts can say that they have also felt some sort of prejudice or another. If not…go live your life more before you stand at a protest.

I have felt racism at every turn of the word. I have been on the other side of things and let me say that the Black Community is as prejudice as any other in this world. I am not a tiny woman nor am I rich by any means of the word. Even my religion has been picked apart by those of a different religion. I have been picked upon by others while statues have been toppled, splashed with paint and names of streets have been considered being changed to suit groups who can loot and shout loudly.

In short, I am tired of being called a “racist” because of the colour of my skin. I was born with it. Live with it.

That said, I won’t even say what I’d normally say at the end of each piece that I write because EVERYONE has experienced some form of prejudice in one way or another at some point or many in their lives.

If someone or several want to leap upon me for having said it, I’m calling everyone around, including the Black population, “prejudice”.

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

2 thoughts on “Racism And Prejudice Exists But Not Just For Blacks

  1. I completely agree!! I am Mexican American and I was raised ins community where 98% were black. We got treated horribly!!! We got called horrible names and getting physically attacked was a common occurrence. Therefore, I know for a fact that racism, prejudice and hate crimes can happen in many forms and by different races. I’m so tired of hearing that all white peoples are racist. I loved, loved, your article!

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    1. Thank you, Cantero. I had to re-think everything 100 times over in putting it to public view (lest the Black communities attacked LOL) but I realized that I’ve felt it even being White. Prejudice exists in every faction of life. Thank you so much for sharing with us as I believe far too many people of ALL cultures, races and creeds are or have felt it. HUGS…XO XO XO


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