Estrangement Happens Even In The Wealthiest Of Families: Meghan & Harry Vs The Royal Family

Who wears the pants in this relationship?

It’s not that I don’t believe Meghan Markel was suicidal or had suicidal thoughts. Perhaps, she did. However, not to know how to curtsey to the queen and Harry giving her lessons upon getting out of a limo just before she met the queen? Not having searched what it was like to live with the Royal Family but search for lyrics to the U.K. national anthem? What about the idea that Oprah (whom I don’t believe does heavy hitting interviews anyway) said one good point. “You (to Harry) have lived in that family all of your life. Were it not for Meghan, would you still be there?” Harry’s answer, “Yes I would still be there”. What is that saying to you?

Add in that I’ve been where Markel claims that she’s been, in having suicidal thoughts and nearly doing it. I am neither doubting her but I am not agreeing with her either. Everyone and every situation is different of course.

I’m not out to make a case here one way or the other but in my mind, Markel is as White as she is Black. As a matter of fact, unless she was using the rather trendy trend of getting points upon racism, no one would have been the wiser as to her race. By that, I mean, just looking at her, doesn’t tell me anything nor, should it you if that’s what you are thinking.

What does it mean that Harry and Prince William had been doing charity for Mental Health and Meghan allegedly couldn’t get any help and was denied? What is that telling you if you believed her side of the story?

Did you know that it was Markel, herself who had Piers Morgan FIRED because she didn’t like what he had to say about her? Yes, you’ve heard me right. An investigation into the matter was done and it turns out that it was on behalf of Markel that she, herself, had put in a demand that Morgan be fired from his job because she didn’t like what he had to say. What’s that saying to you?

Then we have the idea that Markel and Windsor were actually married 3 days before the actual ceremony? I question whose idea that was. I’m sure that Harry didn’t care but Markel did. She admitted it in the interview. Who wears the pants in that family and who has done the influencing to the point of estrangement?

The “poor” kids? Nah…they have the money that Diana left behind and live down the road from Oprah…a multibillionaire. What’s that saying about them being “poor”?

Charles not taking Harry’s calls at that point where they’d broken off from the Royal Family? Was it because Harry kept bugging Charles for financial support? Poor little rich kids who had to live temporarily in Tyler Perry’s home with paid security? Did Harry want The Royals to pay for their home and security costs? It certainly seems that way since Markel herself seems to have mentioned it several times throughout the interview as well as Archie not being given the title of Prince Archie.

Racism crept into the picture as well. It wasn’t allegedly Elizabeth or Phillip who said it and they wouldn’t name the source. Who was it that mentioned the baby’s skin colour? The Royals knew about Markel’s possibilities and until a big deal was made out of it, they didn’t make one. Was it someone from “The Family” who did or was it either all concocted through Markel’s mind or was it a passing comment? We’re likely never to know since The Royals have said very little about the circumstances. However, what timing they all had in releasing this as Prince Phillip is in hospital and everyone worried?

From my little corner of life to yours, what I see having happened with the timing of this release is that Oprah stood to gain even more publicity and money for herself. She needs more money like a hole in the head but I digress. Harry and Meghan stood to garner publicity for their projects of which there was/is that of Netflix and others. Markel did a half baked job on “Suits” and it’s that which she needed the money. She had NO intention of staying in the role that the Royals had bestowed upon her or even in that country. She stood to gain more by leaving it. That she did.

If there’s anything to be taken from this it’s that Estrangement happens in the biggest of families and the wealthiest. What is Charles or anyone else for that matter, within that family to say to Harry now? There’s nothing to be said except for a good and much needed scolding which won’t do any good anyway.

Best of wishes!

Love and Light!

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