Are Vaccines Giving A False Sense of Security For Covid 19

The Covid 19 “vaccine” may be imparting false beliefs in people?

While it’s important for vaccines to be a part of the arsenal of combat over Covid-19, there also needs to be more measures put in place because people are NOT getting the message that a Covid 19 vaccine is not the be-all and end-all of the battle especially with a low supply of either the vaccines or of the components that make them.

How many of us have heard people who have had ONE shot say that they are “free” now?

Many of us, right? At least anyone who watches these video news tapes.

That then, begs the question of whether or not people may feel invincible and do naughty or forbidden things the moment that they have one shot of the vaccine in their arms.

We know that a vaccine isn’t perfect even with 2 doses of a vaccine. It takes time for the body to recognize and become even somewhat “protected”. That may mean or does mean 14 days after the 2nd dose of a 2 dose shot or 10 to 14 days after the one shot like the newer Janssen. Still we hear of people who are out and about right after their first dose saying things like, “now I can see my grandkids”.

Furthermore, these “vaccines” are still on an Emergency Use Basis and have not been licensed yet nor can countries get as much as they wish or have paid for of the vaccines because they cannot be supplied to the world as fast as the world would like it to be or because there is a delay or absolute shortage of vaccine components to make them with.

Still, people tend to think that because they have had one dose of any of the vaccines, they are covered and able to go back to normal patterns. News flash…no they aren’t.

The vaccines aren’t fool proof. There are breakthrough cases, blood clots and a big question is what about the variants/mutations around the world? A huge question is whether or not they cover those too?

While some vaccines claim (and that’s a big word to have used…CLAIM) coverage somewhat against the U.K. detected variant, there are potentially many more running around that the world isn’t even aware of yet. However, one dose of a 2 dose vaccine should take care of them right? Wrong!

Why aren’t countries opening up their borders with other countries then? Because they’ve even discovered a double mutation variant that is under investigation in India. That also doesn’t take into account that the S. African discovered variant is NOT covered by the vaccines in play.

Let’s break this down even further without much fanfare.

There are variants all over the world now of this brainless little virus running around. No One is sure that these “vaccines” will cover them at all. We know more as a global society about Covid-19 but we don’t know as much as everyone would like. Questions cannot be answered with more than a “we believe it will” (take care of it) but even they don’t know. That puts not only a strain on the healthcare systems which are buckling under pressure and patients but the slowness of the vaccines is another question that people have. Confusion, confusion and more confusion reigns while politicians are running around, worried about money. Pharmaceutical companies are worried about money too. After all, they may be making a small fortune or a huge one already. What if they can’t make the “vaccines” that have been paid for or procured due to a shortage of components? Oh well, they can’t be sued? There are also loopholes tax wise for big pharma and anyone making a huge amount of money for them to escape through, right?

My husband and I have both had our first shots of the Pfizer Vaccine because we’ve got co-morbidities and were talked into it. No one had told us that there would be these questions or politics involved. Even now, we don’t feel any different nor do we do anything differently than we were doing before the shot. We aren’t alone but there are more and more people who have had one shot and aren’t following the protocols. The reality is that neither are governments of the world. They are doing far too little, far too late and I won’t even get into governments that don’t pay people when they are sick to be sick so people avoid vaccinations as well as testings altogether.

From my little corner of life to yours, do not feel that you’re immune because you’ve had a shot (either the 1 or 2 dose versions). Follow the masking if possible, the physical distancing, stay away from crowds not observing these measures even if they are wearing masks and don’t, I say, don’t…believe that you or anyone else is immune to getting sick with Covid-19 because you’ve had a or a couple of shots. Why do you think that Pfizer is now (though they’ll never be able to keep up with mutations) going through the motions of finding a “booster” shot? Will they succeed? Likely they will but will the governments of the world follow stricter measures? Likely not and the mutations will win out if they don’t. Stop the repatriation process and stop flights. Don’t feel invincible because you’ve had a “vaccine”. You’re not.

***I am not a medical doctor, epidemiologist, immunologist nor am I any kind of a healthcare provider or on the front lines. This is all only my personal opinion based upon hours upon hours of reading and listening to the “experts” who are full of it because they don’t know, don’t follow healthcare providers or are worried about money and the economy.***

Be well, love and light!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

One thought on “Are Vaccines Giving A False Sense of Security For Covid 19

  1. Ever wonder why a virus from China, which more and more numbers and facts are coming out regarding disinformation and real stats, showing the same as other flus, is getting so much attention, and why so many feel the need to promote?


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