Look At The Bright Side of The Pandemic Too

Read some books? Think of the good stuff, not the bad!

Pre-pandemic, think about all of the things that you and I and everyone used to do then think about what this tiny little brainless virus has taught us all. Are you ever going back to half of what services you used to push your money into? Really? Instead of thinking of all of the things that we can’t do, think about the things that we’ve learned to do on our own now or out of necessity. That should make you feel better about not only the pandemic but also yourself.

For instance, think about all of the money that we’d spend on services that we’ve learned to do without because of the pandemic. Are we going to put money back into the pockets of people and businesses that may not have closed up due to lockdowns?

What about time to do things like read or write in journals or whatever it is that you’ve done that you may likely not have done before? Aren’t they worth it? What’s more is what is it saying about your own abilities?

For instance, what about that extra expensive coffee that you used to buy without a second thought but you’ve discovered that with one fell swoop, you could buy a Keurig Coffee Maker and make your own? Oh sure, it’s a lovely treat to be able to go and have a coffee elsewhere as we are social creatures by nature but it’s a treat, not an everyday thing.

Can you do without an expensive coffee or two now?

Did you take up knitting, needlework or some type of hobby? If so, are you getting better at it or are you simply enjoying yourself while doing it? Enjoying yourself is number 1 here and if you were to get better at it, while you may not be able to make a living out of it, enjoying it is one thing that we need to be realistic about. Pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.

What about learning to live on less financially? We’ve had to learn how to do without so much in our lives for the most part that even if we are online shop-a-holics, I guarantee that for the most part, most of us have learned to make do with what we already have or have bought far less. That’s to be commended right there. Never mind the “small guy” and businesses as we’re urged to do so often by the politicians of this world, if they haven’t gone under that is, think about our land and how things end up in the landfill sites. We’re saving the earth in the process.

Save a bit of buying more that ends up in a land fill site.

How about those who have long since learned that we can work from home for the most part and those office towers (if we still work that is) are going to be sold because people/employees have learned that working from home affords them the opportunities to leave big areas and move out to buy their first homes or better yet, a much better place than they had.

How are you doing with your reading books or writing in journals? Have you been doing one or the other or both? What good books have you read where something has stuck with you that you can use or has become a catch phrase where you keep repeating it even if it was a fictional novel? With so much on this Covid stuff, how many of us so far into it all have turned off the news to watch or read instead because we’re tired and fed up with it all?

Bombarded with ads to buy, buy, buy things in your inbox or other social media? Forgone that purchase? Hit the “unsubscribe/spam” button on those ads and see if you aren’t saving money. A lot of it is slick marketing schemes that don’t lead to their claims anyway. What are you missing out on? Nothing. That’s the answer.

If things are open to you right now, think about their stock. If there isn’t much available to you or you’re unable or unwilling to pay the prices which have gone way up, by-pass it. If you’ve done without it for so long already, you can do without it now too.

A haircut may be something that everyone needs now if the salons around you are not open for business but do we really need to pay for unnecessary cuts, dye jobs or whatever? The answer is within you but think about the money and the hours that you’d spend and think about it again. Do you really need 6 appointments in a year or can you do with fewer?

Have you learned how to groom your dog or cat if needed?

Have you bought a pair of clippers for grooming your pet and some shampoo as well as conditioner for them? Keep it up at least every other time. Not only will that save you money but your pet will love you and thank you for it in the long run. Remember that no pet loves to be groomed even for the most trained of people. Why would they love it now except that they’re at home and you, their beloved person is doing it to them, not some stranger. No one knows except you how often you’ll decide to take your pet for a real grooming but let’s just say that half the amount of times is that much money in your pocket. It’s not going to waste. Buy your pet extra toys or treats which will be half the cost of a professional groomer. And, no one is saying that you don’t need to take your pet to a professional now and again but half the times that they want us to take them in saves them both time and makes them money. Save it. Put money into your pet instead. It’ll be half the amount and your pet will love you for it.

Think about all of the people who never even bothered to contact you during your troubled time such as this pandemic. Make a list of them. If they didn’t contact you or don’t live on their own, scratch them off of your list of people to contact once we come out of this. They weren’t people who truly cared about you anyway and if they didn’t bother with you during this pandemic to see how you’re doing, that’s a sure sign that they didn’t care about you but rather what you could do for them in the first place. One cannot get Covid or any virus over a phone, right? Get rid of them. Scratch them out of your life. They weren’t worth it in the first place and they’ve shown you that much. It’s what you could do for them rather than you that they cared about. Dump these people!

Technology has come a long way, baby so if you’re still waiting and waiting for something or someone to call or come by, if they can work from home or they have a phone of some type, there’s no way that they can’t get in touch with you and still catch Covid-19. Think about that.

Saving on going out as often or learning to satisfy yourself with things is a huge undertaking. As impatient as I get about being locked down right now, the reality is that I’ve learned a lot and so have other people. We all have learned to do a lot with only so much available to us. Use it and congratulate yourself even if it wasn’t optimal to do it. You’ve learned how to do it.

From my little corner of life to yours, if you’ve learned to do one thing for yourself or how to save money or even that you don’t need to go out as often or that you can and have done with less, keep up the good work! Look at what this pandemic has taught us all that we can do. What’s yours? What have you learned that you can do without or will keep doing even once this is over (yes, it will be over at some point)? Put it down below in your comments. Look at the bright spots that this pandemic has taught us all…even if it’s that we can think more and have the time to do it.

Be well, stay safe, count your blessings even if you don’t believe that you have any and….

Love and Light!

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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