Why I Won’t Be Writing or Filming About Estrangement Any Longer

I’ve been at my wit’s end with the Estrangement Topic and now it’s become clear that I will no longer be writing or talking about estrangement any longer to help parents out

I chose to try to help people with estrangement issues and whatever else surrounds it as I am also estranged from by my only child. No, she didn’t decide to estrange herself solely from us but from her entire past and though I have tried to ask her why, she has no answer. I did find out though that a lot of people/parents have figured out that they are moving on. Brava or Bravo for them because so have we.

What I do find difficult to do is to no longer be helpful to anyone who is going through this type of thing. Yet, when people don’t have “time” to read or watch anything, it’s telling me that they’ve decided one of 2 things.

1) Is to remain silent and be in the background, giving up social media and even reading about it all or have come to their own conclusions (which I have done since my only child has gone adrift for years without explanation or it changes) or….

2) They have moved on and aren’t interested in learning or hearing more about it.

it is for that reason (along with my channel on YouTube growing extremely and painfully slowly) that I am making the choice to stop writing about the subject any further or talking about it. In other words, I’ve said all that I’ve needed to say and I am moving on as well.

Will this space be empty? NO! At least until my “domain and plan” expire. After more than 7 years of writing, I’m not about to give up writing my thoughts out but I’m no longer going to be writing on this topic anymore. Instead, I will write whatever I feel like writing about. I make NO money off of anything and this is not one big commercial as on YouTube where someone has either a book, supplement (which often does little to nothing for people since it’s not monitored by the authorities) nor do I have a website or am I out to sell anything to you.

With that said, I expect some respect from people. If you choose to comment, do so at with the knowledge that I do NOT check in everyday and anything that my filters pick up that’s lewd, crude or name calling, will NOT be published.

On that note, be well.

Best of wishes!

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

4 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Be Writing or Filming About Estrangement Any Longer

  1. You are well-informed. You have been keeping a candle burning for all to see the way back home; to where they were before they gave birth to their estranged children. I agree totally with the over indulging, over compensating and totally blinkered parenting, that sees children as angels rather than eager egos manipulating the world for their survival. If it is free they will take it and ask for more. Our kids are a combination of nurture and nature. It is never just one or the other, as you have stated well.

    Regardless, of our imperfections and those of our children, if we gave our children the tools to survive as adults our job is done. When your kid turns on you like a lion wanting to eliminate or control you to become the leader of the pack, it is time you stop seeing him or her as an angel.

    Love, strength and happiness to you! Thank-you for sharing your wisdom. Everyone has their own journey to fulfill on this earth. Parents normally wish with all their hearts that they could all stay in the same pack, but this does not always happen.

    We don’t all get what we want do we, like spoilt children. LOL!

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  2. I am so sad to hear this!! Since I found your website in my frantic searching for help about estrangement 3 yrs ago I looked forward to reading anything you wrote about it. I too am estranged from an only daughter with a SIL gatekeeper. Is there an archive of articles you’ve written to be able to go back and find? I don’t know if you’ve ever shared what you have tried to make contact , or at least I never read it. I am sorry that people have been so rude and cruel. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and everyone can change the channel. Please don’t stop, you are helping more people than you realize.

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    1. Hi Sarah…YES there is an archive of articles that I’ve written. Just type in opinion or look below the articles to find them listed. Of course, my daughter is NOT back again but during this time, I’m getting little feed back and few comments. Thank you so very much for being here and reading,. I’ve written more than some will realize over quite a number of years now. :). Best of wishes with you though and your situation. It’s not cruelness that’s stopping me from writing. It’s the stats and people not reading them or not commenting. I can deal with the little sh**s who come in here. LOL


  3. Thank you. You have helped me immensely to try to go on with my own life and enjoy the family and friends that surround me with love. My son is estranged now for 2 1/2 yrs., did not acknowledge his grandfather’s death or funeral(note he came to his wedding and tied my sons tie for it), he also has never acknowledged my near fatal heart attack on Nov. 7 of 2019. You are not alone I do share your agony and still have a glimmer of hope he will come around someday, but your support of writing about estrangement has helped make me strong and realize I can go on. Peace, and love. Look forward to reading your new subject matter. Thank you again!

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