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If you’re wondering why you’re reading this blog, you’re not alone.  I’m wondering the same thing.  I’m not a writer nor, do I know much about blogging or even how WordPress works.  Even as I was creating this blog and activating it, I kept asking myself why I was doing it.  Who am I to write about anything that anyone would want to hear about?  Then, it dawned on me that everyone has opinions and everyone has a life.  With each life, everyone has experiences and within those experiences are opinions, thoughts and stories.

I’m no one special.  I’m like everyone else walking the face of this earth.  Yet, I am someone.

I am a wife, mother, daughter, grandaughter, niece, aunt and friend to many.  I have worked and have hobbies.  I am an artist, a bookkeeper, a photographer as well as having worked many other titles, roles and worn many hats throughout the years.  I have a lot of stories and, probably too many opinions for some but, I figured, why not share it all with others.  Who knows who can or will connect with some of me through it?  Why not try?

I may not write something every day.  I may not write anything pertinent to you or your life.  My entries may be scattered and not following any chronological order or reasoning.  I’m not exactly the most eloquent of writers either.  My grammar may be horrible and my spelling attrocious but, my messages will be heartfelt and my own experiences, stories and opinions.  It may also include photos where possible with stories that run behind them.

My hope in writing this blog is that there will be others who can and will relate to what I’m saying in some way or another and will join me in conversations and discussion to some extent or another.  So, pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of something yummy, take a break and join me in My Corner of Life.

Best wishes to all reading this.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! Much appreciated, dude. Looks like you’ve got some great content yourself, and I’m looking forward to sticking around and reading more.


  2. Hello, Lela. I am so glad you decided to share some of yourself with the rest of us. I have over the past two years been thinking a great deal about you, as Mariam’s mother, and as a loyal wife. My heart goes out to you in compassion. I think about your son, and my heart goes out to him, too. Having seen the in-depth, very open and forthright interview you gave on TV, I now understand that you are a deep, earnest, giving, caring person. Your honesty, courage and resilience under the most trying circumstances are to be admired. My purpose in writing here is to let you know that there are people, like me, in the outside world who are praying for you, and for your family. I can only imagine what you must be feeling, and how you have managed to continue to navigate through your days, given all that has happened.

    I wonder if you would permit me to offer this perspective where Mariam is concerned, a perspective that I saw played out years ago on a very well-known and much loved television program. In her first interview, a woman received a new perspective about how to recover from great emotional pain after the death of her five day old baby girl. It was suggested that, instead of looking upon it as a wrenching loss, she was to see it, instead, as a gift she, the mother, had been given for a set period of time. The plan and purpose was that the baby, the gift, was to remain five days, and then leave; that is, it was the baby’s ‘set time’ to be with her mother. A discussion followed – how much the baby had given the mother, and how much the mother’s life had been enriched, by having had the baby with her for those five days. In a follow-up interview months later the woman shared that this new perspective had enabled her to be restored. She was well and at peace – all because she had come to think of her time with the baby, albeit so brief, as being a gift which she was to have for the time she had it.

    It is so very difficult to come to grips with great loss. I share this account with you in the sincere hope that perhaps, in some small way, it will bring a measure of peace to your aching heart. You and your family remain in my prayers.



    1. Maria…what beautiful sentiments you’ve shared regarding Lela Tabidze’s struggles and journey.
      While I am not Lela, it is my hope that one day, she will stumble upon my blog and read your words
      to her.


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