Lawlessness And Racism, Protests, Screaming Insults?

They throw paint at statues, demand defunding or dismantling police, they shoot one another endlessly as we can hear the gunshots through the night, they scream “racism” and yet, they are outraged because members of their “group” are arrested? How legal is vandalism? Because of the colour of their skin, they’re asking for police toContinue reading “Lawlessness And Racism, Protests, Screaming Insults?”

Treat Others As They Treat You

Why it’s important not to treat others with anger and why you shouldn’t let them.

A Letter To A Stoned Moron

Dear “Honest” Stoner: Let us be perfectly clear in what we’re about to say here. First of all, demanding that others stop doing something while you are higher than a kite daily from the moment you open your eyes until you close them again at night and at all hours in between, while you raidContinue reading “A Letter To A Stoned Moron”

Don’t Judge Others Because of Your Own Adults And Estrangement Factors

People who don’t have children or estranged adults, couldn’t possibly know what it’s like to be walking in the shoes of someone who has estranged adults and it shows. Theories are abundant as to how to raise a child and adult “child”. It’s uncanny how they tend to come out of the woodwork as thoughContinue reading “Don’t Judge Others Because of Your Own Adults And Estrangement Factors”

Control Equals Lack Of Trust In Others

When someone has a control issue and feels the need to oversee everything that others do, it’s considered a lack of trust. Besides being childish and immature, it’s plainly stating that one person doesn’t trust others to do as they want them to do while seeing that they do. In other words, in the controllingContinue reading “Control Equals Lack Of Trust In Others”

Do You Want Someone As Part of Your Life If They Have Recounted Falsehoods

Have you ever been out during colder months, waved to someone who hasn’t even looked in your direction, let alone seen you wave? How about someone who has a loud piece of equipment going and seeming intent on operating that machinery? Now, put the 2 together. You’ve waved “hello” to someone and they haven’t beenContinue reading “Do You Want Someone As Part of Your Life If They Have Recounted Falsehoods”

Stop Shooting Off Canada Day Fireworks

It was Canada Day on WEDNESDAY July 1. I get it. There’s a pandemic happening and you all can’t go to your favourite haunts with 200 of your closest friends but, come on! Quit the freakin’ fireworks NOW. Even Americans have had their July 4th shoot-offs. Give it up Canadians. Don’t you all know thatContinue reading “Stop Shooting Off Canada Day Fireworks”

Don’t Try To Outrun Yourself

In watching actress, Heather Locklear say this, I had to sit back and take wonder. “A new person is only new for a day then, they’re just people”. She was saying this to an older daughter who wanted to run and move because of a boy and do so in a way that her motherContinue reading “Don’t Try To Outrun Yourself”

Tati, James, Jeffree & Shane Dawson Are Full of Bull On Your Dimes

If it’s not clear by the title, I’m having a hard time believing in any of these YouTubers. They’re all so full of Bull that it’s coming out of their ears. Enter Jada P. Smith and her ramblings (she needs to realize that she’s not the centre of the universe) and you’ve got a bombContinue reading “Tati, James, Jeffree & Shane Dawson Are Full of Bull On Your Dimes”

Don’t Assume Anything You’d Likely Be Wrong

You know that things are coming to a head when crud happens and there’s so much of it that’s not true at all that you simply cannot be bothered to straighten out the many, many untruths in someone else’s minds. It’s not that they aren’t worth another moment’s thoughts but, it’s that one cannot shakeContinue reading “Don’t Assume Anything You’d Likely Be Wrong”