So This Is Christmas…What Has 2020 Done

First of all, in case I forget to say it, may your days be as merry and bright as they can be right now. Let’s get right to the meat of things then shall we? 2020 was a horrible year for atrocities and mental health as well as deaths and so much more, wasn’t it?Continue reading “So This Is Christmas…What Has 2020 Done”

Are Politicians Full of Hot Air?

I’m angry and I’m not going to shut up about it now. A scathing report was publicly released today from the AG (Auditor General) and her office yet she was quickly shot down as was her report by Premier Doug Ford and his political cronies. Part of it was based upon Ontario’s SLOW response toContinue reading “Are Politicians Full of Hot Air?”

Moving On From Those Who Want Something From Us

Saying goodbye is never easy for anyone yet, if one were to want others to know that it’s not ok for them to walk all over you like a doormat, it’s necessary no matter how difficult it may be to do. That means death and estrangement as well as other things too. Once a personContinue reading “Moving On From Those Who Want Something From Us”

Estrangement, Feeling Alone & Why Would You Want Them Back

What is it going to take for younger people to know that ignoring the words of both governments and parents is giving them some rights but, at a cost somehow or in some way? Forget the pandemic. These adults don’t believe that it exists, is politicized or it won’t affect them. They can do whateverContinue reading “Estrangement, Feeling Alone & Why Would You Want Them Back”

Stores Don’t Enforce Their Policies For Covid-19 & Race, Protests Etc. Are Also At Fault For Rising Numbers

How many of us have gone into stores of late for things that we need (ie: food, medications etc.) only to find there to be worn off markings on the floors and not replaced, there being NO ONE to tell people that they’re going up “down aisles”, people reaching over others to get something, packagesContinue reading “Stores Don’t Enforce Their Policies For Covid-19 & Race, Protests Etc. Are Also At Fault For Rising Numbers”

Why I No Longer Feel Sorry For Melania Trump

***Please note that this is NOT a political statement or piece in any way. If you are going to vote for Trump, it’s your business. This is a piece about Melania Trump as a person and why I feel as I do ONLY**** It’s hard to feel sorry as I once did for Melania Trump.Continue reading “Why I No Longer Feel Sorry For Melania Trump”

Have Your Say: Are You Getting or Are You Finding Yourself Depressed

Are you ruminating too much during this Covid pandemic? I don’t know about you but, I’ve found myself with far more to think about than I ever have. It’s not that there’s a lack of things that need doing but, it’s more that I’ve been thinking about things far more than I should, I suppose.Continue reading “Have Your Say: Are You Getting or Are You Finding Yourself Depressed”

Be Thankful For Estrangement of Grandchildren During Covid-19

We all knew that Covid was going to end the lives of a lot of people over the age of 60 and especially of those who were elderly or in nursing homes. What wasn’t thought of was the fact that a lot of the younger generations could not only get Covid but, who could spreadContinue reading “Be Thankful For Estrangement of Grandchildren During Covid-19”

Calling Police Is Useless: Be A Vigilante!

I’ve had several incidents within the past weeks which have entailed me having to call police. They were mostly the same idea like fireworks that were being set off endlessly for weeks after firework days had officially ended but, doing so at 2 a.m. night after night. Not only that but, vehicles around my areaContinue reading “Calling Police Is Useless: Be A Vigilante!”