Accept That You’ve Tried And Give Up

One can try and try, cry and cry but nothing we do can overcome something that people get into their minds. Is this talking about the Estrangement of your child? No! If the piece fits though, you can put it where you want to place it. What runs through people’s minds is what runs throughContinue reading “Accept That You’ve Tried And Give Up”

Parents Are People Too So Keep That In Mind If You’re Told That You Need To Change

Whether or not you as a parent, are told that you need to change yourselves, you’d need to ask yourself if you wish to or not and how you’d go about it. Do you really need to change and would you wish to do it? Those are the questions that only you can answer forContinue reading “Parents Are People Too So Keep That In Mind If You’re Told That You Need To Change”

For Parents of Estranged Adults NOT EAC’s

There are so many younger adults who come into read pieces on estrangement who colour all parents with the same “crayon” or brush that they’ve coloured or painted their own parents and assume that every parent must have done something wrong for their child(ren) to have estranged. Let’s get one thing perfectly clear here. ThereContinue reading “For Parents of Estranged Adults NOT EAC’s”

For Those Unable To Move On Because Estrangement Is Freshly Done

****Please note: My FILTERS catch most comments that are nasty so if you have something to say, say it nicely or don’t say it at all. I will NOT publish those who have nasty things to say, say it crudely and lewdly (yes, look that word up if you need to do so) or anythingContinue reading “For Those Unable To Move On Because Estrangement Is Freshly Done”

So This Is Christmas…What Has 2020 Done

First of all, in case I forget to say it, may your days be as merry and bright as they can be right now. Let’s get right to the meat of things then shall we? 2020 was a horrible year for atrocities and mental health as well as deaths and so much more, wasn’t it?Continue reading “So This Is Christmas…What Has 2020 Done”