Why Having Artificial S​weeteners A​re Still Quite Debatable

There are a plethora of pieces written about artificial sweeteners on the net. A lot of them will cite “studies”, most of them being small in nature whether for or against the little packets or spoonfuls or tablets that we tend to put into our coffees, teas or even guzzle by the can or bottle.Continue reading “Why Having Artificial S​weeteners A​re Still Quite Debatable”

YouTube’s “Lose It Like Lauren” Needs A Name Change

YouTube’s Lose It Like Lauren (Laura Mae) may have to change her nick to “Lauren’s Life” instead because she’s only filming once a month now and chopping it into pieces for the next month’s 1 time per week videos in spite of them being more about her life than weight loss.

How To Lose Body Weight Not Wallet Weight

If you eat this way, you’ll lose weight. Try our programme and see how quickly the pounds will melt off.  (Jenny Craig, Nutri-System, Weight Watchers and the list goes on and on) Become Vegan. It’s dairy and animal products that put on your pounds and, you’ll be saving animals and the planet while you’re atContinue reading “How To Lose Body Weight Not Wallet Weight”

Losing Weight Online Review

Weight Watchers has been around forever.  It’s a sane, sound weight loss system that doesn’t need any introduction to most of us, struggling to lose weight.  It has a sound track record that goes back decades and promotes a healthy way of living versus a diet. As with most things nowadays, Weight Watchers no longerContinue reading “Losing Weight Online Review”

Lose Weight While Eating Dessert

  I’m not a doctor nor, a weight loss guru who has all of the answers but, there are simple things that make a difference and having dessert is one of them.  As are planned snacks. Let me take you back with me to my grandparents.  None of them were farmers with heavy loads ofContinue reading “Lose Weight While Eating Dessert”