Questions About Covid-19 “Vaccines”

Would someone please explain to me seeing that I’m not an immunologist why it is that with 2 doses of a 2 dose vaccine, why it is that if we are allegedly somewhat “protected” by the first dose, why we’d have to wait another 2 weeks beyond the 2nd dose and follow health protocols? DoesContinue reading “Questions About Covid-19 “Vaccines””

Accept That You’ve Tried And Give Up

One can try and try, cry and cry but nothing we do can overcome something that people get into their minds. Is this talking about the Estrangement of your child? No! If the piece fits though, you can put it where you want to place it. What runs through people’s minds is what runs throughContinue reading “Accept That You’ve Tried And Give Up”

Estrangement As Mother’s Day Approaches

It’s hard for parents who are alone to operate during this pandemic, let alone with adults who have estranged to not be around. That’s the way the cookie crumbles so to speak but let’s remember one thing as we all celebrate yet another Mother’s Day, alone especially if there is no one that we canContinue reading “Estrangement As Mother’s Day Approaches”

No Respect? Respect Yourself

If you’ve done a lot for someone or several or even many people, would it not follow that you’d be thought of too by these people? One would think that would be the case but it’s not often true. Why? Read on to find out. People who are out to take from others, really don’tContinue reading “No Respect? Respect Yourself”

Are You Twisted Up With People: Give Up Trying

Stop Trying. Stop Trying. Stop Trying! If you haven’t gotten it yet…I’ll say it again…STOP TRYING! Why would I say that? It’s because “people pleasing” is a false sense of security for anyone to have. It never works entirely or it works only as long as you’re doing or giving whatever it is that peopleContinue reading “Are You Twisted Up With People: Give Up Trying”

Estrangement Happens Even In The Wealthiest Of Families: Meghan & Harry Vs The Royal Family

It’s not that I don’t believe Meghan Markel was suicidal or had suicidal thoughts. Perhaps, she did. However, not to know how to curtsey to the queen and Harry giving her lessons upon getting out of a limo just before she met the queen? Not having searched what it was like to live with theContinue reading “Estrangement Happens Even In The Wealthiest Of Families: Meghan & Harry Vs The Royal Family”

Racism And Prejudice Exists But Not Just For Blacks

I know that racism exists but if one were to think of their own circumstances, it’s not just against the Black population. It’s everywhere for all sorts of reasons. Yes, I know that there a ton of Black Lives Matter activists and a whole pile of people who will scream out about this topic andContinue reading “Racism And Prejudice Exists But Not Just For Blacks”