Netflix Is Lacking Big Time Why Not Dump Them

Netflix used to be number one with a lot of people however, the corporation has a lot of inconsistencies with it’s networking in different countries. Why is it that one can get interested in one of Netflix’s series only to find out that it’s been cancelled or, that some countries are way ahead of othersContinue reading “Netflix Is Lacking Big Time Why Not Dump Them”

Don’t Fall For Marketing Schemes Here Or Anywhere Else

You may have come across advertisements on this site that have suckered you in out of curiosity like they did me. I’ve since put up a disclaimer in page form on this site so that readers are not suckered into buying anything due to fancy marketing schemes. Boy are they attractive and can lead youContinue reading “Don’t Fall For Marketing Schemes Here Or Anywhere Else”

Something Worth Being Paid For Has To Be Done Well

AUDIO VERSION:  (Transcript below for those who prefer to read)   A few little birdies told me something today that I’d not wanted to hear but, wasn’t surprised to have been hearing it.  There’s a reason for this reaction from me and frankly, I am only writing about it because other people are interested andContinue reading “Something Worth Being Paid For Has To Be Done Well”

If You Expect To Be Paid You’d Better Produce Employed or Self-Employed

Whether self-employed or employed by others, you have to push your personal life aside in order to produce well enough to get paid. That’s the bottom line to a pay check.

Veterinarians Are Human And Business People At The Same Time

First of all, I’m not trying to say that Veterinarians are bad people, don’t care about your much beloved fur baby or are only out to take your money.  Like your family doctor or primary care physician or whatever healthcare provider you have for yourself, they care about your pet’s health or they wouldn’t beContinue reading “Veterinarians Are Human And Business People At The Same Time”

Writing A Blog Takes Courage And Restraint

You wouldn’t think it but, writing a blog on anything, takes one having courage, conviction and yes, a lot of restraint at times. It doesn’t matter whether a blog writer is posting photos of their trips abroad, recipes, photos they’ve taken, personal opinions or they are writing about what is considered to be facts fromContinue reading “Writing A Blog Takes Courage And Restraint”

Helping: Doorway to Heaven Or Hell

For most of my life, I’ve tumbled somersaults for other people and mothered, mothered and mothered them.  Why, I don’t know the answer to yet but, I do know that the only thing it’s done is to both open a doorway for people to use me as well as to shun me when they don’tContinue reading “Helping: Doorway to Heaven Or Hell”

Serenity In Life

Life and living it have a way of teaching us all lessons.  Some are not what we want to learn but rather what we need to learn.  Not all of Life is under our control just as most other people are not under our control.  That’s a hard lesson to learn but one that needsContinue reading “Serenity In Life”

Are Today’s Doctors Caring Less About Their Patients, More About Their Wallets?

Is the wave of the future of healthcare to have docs give up private offices and move into clinics where they share staff and resources? I recently had cataract surgery.  I need another at the end of this month but, the very people who have cared for me throughout all of this time and myContinue reading “Are Today’s Doctors Caring Less About Their Patients, More About Their Wallets?”

If Companies Were Run Like Some Doctor’s Offices They’d Be Out of Business

Doctors are businesses in and of themselves.  If any other company was run the way that some doctor’s offices are run, they’d be out of business. I’ve recently had need to see a medical specialist.  It’s not that I love doctors and having to take time off of work to go to see them.  Nor,Continue reading “If Companies Were Run Like Some Doctor’s Offices They’d Be Out of Business”