Why Positive Thinking Is Not A Miracle Worker Even With Estrangement

By now, much of the television old world, already knows that actress, Valerie Harper of “Mary Tyler Moore” and it’s spin-off series, “Rhoda” fame has lost her battle with cancer and has died at the age of 80 years of age. It’s taken me a week or more to write about her passing because itContinue reading “Why Positive Thinking Is Not A Miracle Worker Even With Estrangement”

What A Revolution Doesn’t Need Or Mean

A “revolution” doesn’t mean that there’s a physical march, protest or anything that we can think of that used to be a method. It can mean that people from all over the world, get the word out to one another as well as to professionals of all sorts, not simply medical health professionals. Society needsContinue reading “What A Revolution Doesn’t Need Or Mean”

They Say You Want A Revolution: Why It May Be Time For Parents of Estranged Adult Children To Revolt

Why parents now need to speak up against their adult children’s estrangement.

Estrangement: Reasons For It

I’ve been on both sides of the coin in every conceivable way imaginable. As a child, I saw both love and abuse. Being a parent, meant that I gave up a lot in order to be a parent while still wrestling with my own past demons as well as trying to change how I parented,Continue reading “Estrangement: Reasons For It”

Why Speaking Your Own Thoughts Angers Others

I see things as 3 dimensional and say it. If it doesn’t agree with what you believe, that’s ok but, there’s no need to stay and leave me angry, bitter or distasteful or sarcastic hate mail. Life and other people aren’t full with only positive things or people. Call a spade a spade.

You’re Likely Not A 3 Dimensional Person

AUDIO VERSION:     No one wants to go spilling all of their troubles out in a public forum.  Even I don’t want to do that but, what exactly are social media platforms for?  Only the good times, the happy events and photos of smiling people on trips somewhere? This is what I don’t getContinue reading “You’re Likely Not A 3 Dimensional Person”

If You Expect To Be Paid You’d Better Produce Employed or Self-Employed

Whether self-employed or employed by others, you have to push your personal life aside in order to produce well enough to get paid. That’s the bottom line to a pay check.

Latest Dare of Tide Pod Eating Is DANGEROUS And STUPID

Eating a Tide Pod has to be amongst the most stupid and DANGEROUS stunts of all. Kids who do this for YouTube or Social Media hits are morons, without brains.