When Is It Time To Move On From A Once Trusted Service Provider

Recently, I've been stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I need to move onto another veterinarian, family doctor and possibly a specialist that I've been seeing for myself.  Sadly, though I have loved them up until more recently and have tried to talk things out with them, I am not getting answers that... Continue Reading →

Feline Diabetes And Taking Care of Self

NOTE:  This is a post I made in 2016 in a Feline Diabetes Members Board.  I've simply copied and pasted it because it's an important topic for many of us.  Please excuse the "here and there" as it was intended for other members who were very relieved to hear someone in the same boat, not... Continue Reading →

Canada’s Pet Food Industry Needs To Step Up To The Plate

Canada's pet food industry needs a giant overhaul and nobody is willing to deal with the issues including the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspections Agency, Animal Divison).   My cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes at nearly 10 years of age.  In doing a lot of research, it's been made clear that the foods that our... Continue Reading →

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