How Long Can A YouTuber Support Themselves By Videos On Weight Loss

AUDIO VERSION: (Transcript below for those who prefer to read but will differ slightly from the audio version.)       When you make your entire life and being all about your weight, losing it, gaining it, regaining it and dwelling on it forever, you're essentially telling the world that you are nothing but your... Continue Reading →

Why I See Lose It Like Lauren’s YouTube and Patreon Videos Not Worth Paying For

AUDIO VERSION OF BLOG ENTRY (May differ ever so slightly from transcript below for those who like to read it vs listening to it.)     Credit must be given where credit is due.  I make no bones about that and I will hand it to YouTube's Lose It Like Lauren (Lauren Mae) that she,... Continue Reading →

YouTube’s TEDx Videos Can Open Your Mind

I don't watch a lot of television.  I do watch some, sometimes but, I follow news stories. Instead, I read and I do watch YouTube where I have had my "favourites" fall from my grace for one reason or another after awhile.  One channel that has held my interest though for as long as it's... Continue Reading →

Why A Lot of Social Media People Are No Better Than Street Beggars

There's something called "click bait" that journalists, vloggers and bloggers use to get readers or viewers to become interested in viewing their product.  They are quite common in social media platforms and entice readers, viewers or patrons to look at or, at the least, be interested in their wares.  Certain words, phrases and even photos... Continue Reading →

YouTube’s Lose It Like Lauren Has Lost It

I'm sitting here laughing right now yet again.  I have to stop and compose myself better so that I can see to type. I truly do suppose that I should be angry but, surprisingly to me, I'm not at all even remotely angry.  I suppose that I'm simply more amused than anything by the depths... Continue Reading →

YouTube’s Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters Diving Deep) Negative Commenters Are The Biggest Fools of All

Nothing gives me more of a laugh than reading the comments of those whom have read only one piece that I've written out of hundreds then, proceeds to leap to their own conclusions and do an amateur, armchair version of psychoanalysis.  I have to chuckle and scratch my head, wondering why these people cannot see... Continue Reading →

Juvalips or Dumbass Technology?

I've heard and seen it all now.  There's a "lip enhancing" machine that has been put out now that you can buy on Amazon or a lot of other places, that is supposed to enlarge your lips without injections and at a fraction of the cost. This machine is run off of AAA batteries, pulling... Continue Reading →

YouTube’s Lose It Like Lauren Didn’t Think Her Move To Patreon Through First

Scenario: If you've been less than on the ball, all over the place, here, not here and certainly not consistent with your work, would you suddenly and out of the blue,  announce that you want money or that others should pay you?  And, would you be saying so in an awkward, unplanned, un-thoughtout way, thinking... Continue Reading →

YouTube’s “LoseitlikeLauren” Has Irritated Quite A Number of Her Viewers

  For what I have ascertained, during the past 10 or so years, Lauren has been a YouTuber, chronicling her weight loss story.  She had lost some 147 lbs naturally, a feat to be commended and documented a lot of it throughout the years as a YouTuber. I never did subscribe to her channel, personally... Continue Reading →

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