I Do NOT Endorse The Advertisements You May Find

Please take note that I am currently running my pieces that come complete with advertisements placed on my pieces which I do NOT endorse!

If you are seeing advertisements on this site, please note that I am saying that you should inspect whatever ones that you choose to with a very critical eye. I do NOT promote them!

The only items that I will endorse are the ones that I write positively about. Even then, they may not be right for you or your lifestyle. Please use your own best judgement on anything promoted on this site. Do NOT think that because it appears on this site that I have your answers. This is especially true of those who will advertise their products on this site as I do NOT place them there. Advertisers put them there for you to buy.

If I, myself endorse anything through my own writings, please use your own reason and rational for using anything you may find. Ensure that it’s right for you.

Thank you and be well, enjoying your life!

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