Just My Thoughts

I’m seemingly heading down Celeb Lane with my blog and, have no idea why I’m going in that direction.

Perhaps, it’s because a lot of us seem awestruck by stars and wonder how our lives measure up to theirs in some odd, quirky way? Or perhaps, it’s because it’s what graces us on the covers of magazines as we stand in check-out lines in grocery stores? Maybe, we just want to find out that celebrities are just as screwed up as we think that we are?

Whatever the reason, it seems that I started off to give my thoughts on any number of topics but, got caught up in the entire celeb theme. It certainly wasn’t intended to go down that route.

This just may go to show that what we start off writing about, with passion, just might be the subconscious mind’s way of letting itself be known as to what we really are thinking about at any given point in time.

I don’t suppose there will be a walk of fame for blogs about celebs that I’ll need to put my hand prints into but, it’s just my thoughts, in my little corner of the world and that’s all that I need.

9 thoughts on “Just My Thoughts

  1. I do not even know how I finished up here, but I believed this put up was once good.
    I don’t realize who you’re however certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you are
    not already. Cheers!


  2. I would sure appreciate it if you would respond to my question on how to delete my previous post. I can’t understand why you won’t respond to my request. This was my post, and I am entitled to delete it. Please have the courtesy to respond. My email has changed since my initial post.


    1. Christine, how about the fact that I do NOT check this site every single day and you are being impatient. YOU put the comment up there and changed your email address, not me, right?

      You cannot remove your comment but, I will.

      Thank you.


  3. Thank You for your group, to be able to share the same pain, hope and prayers we experience together. My situation is unique. I have a 55 year old daughter, a 53 year old son and a 38 year young daughter. I search in my mind when, how and why we got estranged..I dug right down to the depth of my soul and we’ve been estranged for decades, not really knowing when or why.

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    1. Norma…take heart that your situation is not as “unique” as you think that it is. I speak to parents every single day and trust me, you are NOT alone with this type of scenario even if you feel that you are.

      It’s sounding to me as though the 55 and 53 year olds may have been influenced into doing this and convinced the 38 year old into it too. Age does NOT matter. It seems to be more about their own imaginations.

      Unless they were to be able to tell you “why” with a direct answer that feels true to you…stop trying to figure out the “why” behind it all. It rarely ever works. Just remember who you were as a parent/grandparent if you have any and that you likely did everything possible for them (to your ability or that of society).

      If you are still in pain or unsure of yourself, seek out both therapy for yourself as well as friends/other family members/neighbours or whatever you can in order to help you out and be there for and with you when you want and need them. That’s my advice and I’m trying hard to do that for myself though therapy has been a part of my life for a very long time now due to just wanting to be a good person.

      Best of wishes and HUGE HUGS XO XO XO


  4. And, your degree in this comes from where, Jim?

    Where did your alleged “diagnosis” of NPD on me come from? Your head and say-so?

    It’s quite obvious that you’re an estranged adult who feels that the sun, stars, moon and sun rise and set just for him or should.

    By the way, the dislikes on my videos come from people like YOU! Enough said.

    Be well.


  5. I so enjoy watching your videos on estranged adult children. I’ve been on a roller coaster ride with my 40 yr old son who is an addict/ alcoholic for the last 4 years. It’s been awful. Thank you for all your encouragement. Keep it Up …

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