What Is It Going To Take For People To Get The Message With Covid-19

Is it going to take a mountain of tickets on your mail shelves for you to say, “can’t even pay my rent so, these tickets are going to be pushed aside too?” Is it going to take a total and complete “STAY INSIDE WITH NO VISITORS” order, instead of suggesting it? Is it going to take a really tough stance on this issue, with people unable to get back to be patriated as well as those who are ignoring logical steps to be locked up in facilities or even prisons/jails? Exactly what is it going to take for people to get the message that this coronavirus is potentially a killer virus and we all need to help ourselves because there are no medicines for it, no vaccines and people, including front line workers are getting sick and even dying because of other people’s thoughtlessnesses or even disbelief that it’s all real?

Are some people like ostriches, believing Conspiracy Theorists, The Net or that they’re immune to Covid-19

While people are scrambling to make home made masks that won’t necessarily protect them anymore than wearing paper towel across their faces will, others are busy creating conspiracy theories about it not being real to it’s over or all sorts of crazy concocted stories that they will put out because people will buy into them mentally and emotionally.

Get this straight, right here and now. There is no one who is immune to this virus and there’s no way that one can conduct normal life without risking being infected. If someone believes themselves to be immune to getting it or that it doesn’t exist, those persons are risking not only other people’s lives but, their friends, family and other loved one’s lives by having such a crazy notion.

Let’s face it. There is a lot of misinformation out there on the net and even in the news because it sells air time. It can be said that a lot of people believe that as long as they have a bottle or two of hand sanitizer, they are safe. Guess again. Also take into account that anyone can say whatever they want on the net and even if they believe it all to be true, it isn’t. It’s their thinking. Even my own opinions which I spew out here aren’t scientific and are all only my own opinion. The CDC and the W.H.O. are continuously changing their thinking on the topic with regularity. One thing that has held to this day though is that about the only thing that each of us can do about this situation, in spite of those who will declare that using lemon juice will kill the virus, conspiracy theorists etc., aren’t at all authorities on this virus. No one is. Everyone is guessing but, the fact remains that one cannot catch that which one doesn’t come in contact with.

One quite wise and older doctor said to me one day, upon marching in with printed sheets off the net (which was in the earliest days at the time),
“you can get enough information to get yourself into trouble off the net but, not enough to get yourself out of it.” How correct he was when he said that now some 20 years ago or so.

So, what about you? Are you going to be the one with your head stuck in the sand like an ostrich because some conspiracy theorist has wrought some type of theory that makes you feel mentally and emotionally smug? What about those who will take information off of the net and videos as though it’s gospel truth? Does anyone know their true motives? How does one weed out those who are mentally unhealthy or out to make a buck? Can one do it?

So from my little corner of life to yours, what’s it going to take for you to consider the idea that ripping down signs, ignoring government rulings based upon health information from reputable sources or what one may deem as such, to self-isolate, social distance, wash your hands frequently with plain old soap and water for 20 seconds and keep the laws in your head even if they change by the hour or day? What’s it going to take to make you see that you’re potentially endangering not only your own life but, those of others that you may care about?

Stop the non-sense and abide by your country’s laws. Even if you don’t agree with them, they are there. Stop dilly-dallying and playing with it or, you too could end up with being DEAD!

That was to those people who are still ignoring regulatory laws because of the above, as I watch my across the street neighbours having their son over and he works for a grocery chain store as does her husband and yet the wife doesn’t leave the house for much of anything. Whether she reads this or not, I don’t care. They are amongst those who are defeating the purposes and laws.

If you wish to do more stay away from others outside of your home and keep washing those hands.

Stay well!

Love and Light.

Covid-19 Doesn’t Bend To Ages Or Conspiracy Theories

We’re all tired of having nowhere to go if we’re feeling well. Likewise, we have nowhere to go so that we aren’t tempted to go somewhere and possibly be infected or infect others with this nasty coronavirus that we’ve named Covid-19. However, it only makes sense that we stay away from other people so that we are protected and others are protected.

Arial view of WTC in March of 2001. Conspiracy theorists have theories galore about this event but, it won’t bring back thousands of lives lost nor, will it bring back these towers.

Yes, there are hundreds of both videos and patterns on the net for those who wish to make homemade masks. That should keep us safe, right? Not so fast. Home made masks, created from whatever one can think of, including baby wipes, dried out, sandwiched between sheets of cotton or t-shirt fabric, to those who have more elaborate designs like form fitting, complete with dupes like bendable nose pieces and using filters such as “non-woven” interfacing and so-on, aren’t going to protect you or your loved ones from much. While it’s better than nothing for some, it’s a controversial subject as to what is best. Can a homemade mask help or harm us? Is it truly better than nothing or will it help to stop us from at least touching our faces, mouths, noses and eyes? You be the judge for yourself but, remember that no matter which pattern that you choose to make or can afford to make if you decide that it’s the route you wish to take, keep in mind that even front line workers are opting for N95 masks rather than these homemade jobbers wherever and for as long as they can. They’d even prefer to keep using their well worn and used N95 masks for hours and hours rather than switch. What’s that telling us? Have you asked yourself that question? Are they simply being stubborn or is it every man for themselves?

Little is understood about this virus yet but, we do know that it appears that there’s little to nothing that can be done to help anyone other than supportive measures. There’s no cure, no vaccine or even antiviral med that will help us so, we’re left pretty much to our own devices. We all love control and about the only real control that we have is to stay away from other human beings, keep social distancing, don’t travel, sanitize our own environments like doorknobs, surfaces etc., with whatever we have on hand or can get from pharmacies and local supermarkets/grocery stores as well as washing our hands with good ole soap and water and doing so often.

There are those who have wrought conspiracy theories. They consist of everything from soup to nuts in theories. There are even those stupid enough to believe that the virus really doesn’t exist and this is all one giant conspiracy by governments for whatever reasons one can come up with. Others will think that the virus was lab created by those who have the most money in the world and unleashed to regain their financial control over the world and everyone in it. Growing by the day, is the theory that it was lab made and accidentally unleashed upon the public when it escaped the lab it was created in. In other words, I won’t say that these conspiracy theorists are wrong but, I will say that it’s whatever floats one’s boat to get by a day that people need to believe.

There is one thing that everyone needs to keep in mind with Covid-19. Everyone needs to do their parts, liked, believed or not.

No matter what your beliefs are, going out and not social distancing, not washing your hands properly and thoroughly, ripping down signs and using publicly used play equipments, courts etc., is only going against social aid. Think of it this way. What possible reasons could there be for concerts and events that bring in dollars, being cancelled could there be? Why would governments not be allowing bored children who aren’t in schools, where they are losing millions of dollars daily keep these same kids and their overwrought parents from going into parks or playgrounds on play equipment? To take it a step further, think about grounding planes, bus routes if you have them around you, enlisting curfews in some countries, martial laws in others, non-global travel, monies not being put into the economy, people who collect rents, not getting them even if partially or not at all? Even if your theory is that it’s not real or that it’s brought about by the richest families on the planet today for whatever your beliefs may be, is it worth the chance that conspiracy theorists could be wrong and tempt yourselves or loved ones into a precarious situation possibly?

As brilliant a theory as anyone can come up with as to what this pandemic is or isn’t, no matter how good or correct it seems to be to you, who declared them gods? Why do they feel that omnipotent that they can spew out possibly false info? Are they that wise that they can tell you or I or anyone else what to believe while living modest lives? Why aren’t they living the lives of billionaires if they are so wise? Have you thought about that much? No? Well perhaps, it’s time to do so?

If you’re not doing your part to help this situation, you’re harming it and making it worse! In other words, you may be part of the problem.

I’ve said it and while my words may not be of any meaning other than angering you or in having you calling me a “sheeple”, one may have to ask themselves who the followers really are? Is it me or is it you? If you answered that one with an “it’s you”, you may be right but, ask yourself if you’re not following a belief system brought about by someone else or several others that are taking away other’s rights to believe whatever they wish to believe while you’re out on vacation, angry at having no way to get home or to have to self-isolate if you’ve been one of those who have barked, pleaded and begged long enough to get home.

Be the ostrich who sticks its head in the sand and go about your lives, pissed at having to be isolated, in and not being able to go out to sit on the latest cell phone, texting others while with 10 other people. It’s ok but, don’t expect that everyone else is going to agree with your thinking or why. Again, if you’re not washing your hands, social distancing, and so on, you’re going against other people’s rights. Remember that sooner or later, if you’re wrong or, shall I say these conspiracy theorists are wrong, what are you doing to your family members, including babies, teens and those who have compromised immune systems whether it be because they are more advanced in age or because they have some disease process such as cancer or cancer treatments. There are simply too many to list here.

Yes, I am preaching but, can you or someone else afford to take the chance that I am wrong and someone else is correct?

Keep in mind that everyone has a right to be safe. If you are walking around without social distancing, tearing down playground or other park signs, not hand washing properly, staying in and away from others, you are removing the rights from others by possibly spreading something that you may believe is a hoax or a control method but, you’re also taking away the ability of others who have been following these types of guidelines all along.

Oh and one further thing from my little corner of life to yours right now. There is no age group which is immune to this virus no matter what was originally thought or reported. Young, healthy people are as vulnerable as anyone else to getting this virus. Even if they don’t take it hard or show no symptoms, they are walking time bombs for others in their households even if that’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, roommate or they live at home and are exposing others to their potential infections. No one is immune to this virus. No one!

Be well, stay well and….

Love and Light!

You Aren’t Invincible

Every time I see it happening, I have to shake my head in anger and total disbelief. People ignoring the healthcare admonishments on Covid-19, uncaringly.

People find all sorts of ways to ignore the recommendations and even rules then, cry when they aren't able to do what they want.  Why no one has empathy for them.
This is NOT “Social Distancing”. It’s all over the news and in articles on how to do it. Stop the getting together. It’s dangerous right now. Practise proper Social Distancing!

I pass by a parkette in my car while young people stand out and together without “social distancing” whatsoever and NO protection on them. It’s even doubtful that they bother to wash their hands and are constantly putting hands to face to brush back hair that they refuse to tie up (yes, including males who could have what we’ve termed as “man-buns”) or to wipe away mascara that has gotten into their eyes, eyeliner or some such makeup. They don’t care. Invincible is what they feel and maybe, they don’t take it as hard but, they sooner or later, have to go home. What then?

There are those who will stand around a take-out restaurant like McDonalds, huddled together, no Social Distancing as though they’re going to lose out on their iced coffees if they aren’t right up against the door or one another. We’re not even talking about young people here. These are the ones that are older in chronological age and should know better and, may include people like Uber Drivers. A lot of them are from other countries or harder hit ones and haven’t bothered to learn the language of the country, some of them, having been in it for a decade or more.

If you’ve stockpiled, donate them to healthcare providers and for heaven’s sake, learn how to wear a mask correctly!

Then we have the people who are rotten enough to have the masks which they wear like beards or hair bands. Someone please tell me what good that mask is doing for these people when healthcare workers are going without them. I’d like to know. If you’re one of those who has stockpiled these masks, gloves, hand sanitizer or whatever, donate them to the front line healthcare workers and stop wearing them like they’re accessories. They’re not.

Please talk to me and tell me why anyone should feel sympathy or empathy for those who went away on vacation and even cruises when they either come back or can’t get back to their respective countries because they decided to go away anyway.

I may sound in my writing as though I’m not taking this seriously. I am. What I’ve written about Covid-19 are joking pieces only. When I see this type of thing or hear the news where people aren’t taking things seriously and going away, I tend to be angry at them. Tears of those who are “trapped” in other countries don’t work well on me. I don’t feel sorry for them. After all, it’s hard to feel sorry for those who have had a vacation, feet in sand or warmer climates, tropical drinks and then, want to put everyone else at risk when they have ignored the plea to come back home while they still could. It’s even worse for those who have been in countries that are plagued by this virus and yet, they want to wait it out until their flights are scheduled to return or their vacations are over then, shed tears on news cameras about not being able to get back and how embassies are ignoring them. For countries that do try to bring them back, “suggestions” aren’t enough for them. They’ve ignored everything else, why would they heed recommendations now?

What about the young people who think or feel that they’re invincible? Those who are huddled together, hands up to mouths and faces anyway yet, have to go home and possibly, take this virus home to their more vulnerable parents and grandparents? Do they care? Are they thinking of that while standing around in groups? What’s your bet?

From my little corner of life to other’s, while you can be ignorant and uncaring about the rest of the population, along with your own health, believing yourself to be above it all, think again. Having dinner guests over or coffee mates to your home doesn’t mean “self-isolation” anymore than saying that you’ve watered your lawns while tossing leftover coffee drops onto blades of grass works. For gawd’s sake, keep Social Distancing rules, wash your hands, donate that stockpile to front line healthcare workers who need them. Be bored and eat like the rest of those who have been stuck in do.

No one is impervious to this virus no matter what you or anyone else may think especially, Conspiracy Theorists. All of you or some of you will pay the price. This is serious stuff. Follow the guidelines no matter what you think or feel about them.

Be well!

Love and Light!

Those Who Knew About Covid-19 And Travelled Anyway Are Selfish


Psssttttt…hey you…yeah, you!  The one who is cavalier about Covid-19, out there travelling, amongst groups of people doing the same thing, thinking that you’re going to somehow get home again, self-isolation be damned when you get back and while away.  You’re one of the ones who is spreading this virus all over the place and while we’re at it, you’re not immune to it since a vaccine has yet to be developed nor, any type of real treatment.

What’s that?  You’re saying that you’re not going to get it and why not live life to your best ability instead of sitting on a couch, watching tv or doing some other silly thing like washing your hands?

Have I got news for you!

Yes, most of society is co-operating and staying away from others, self-isolating or self-quarantining and yes, most of those are bored silly but, we’re doing it because we care about ourselves and other people’s well being.

Did you know that even if you don’t display symptoms of the potentially deadly virus, you could spread it to those you should care about.  However, because of your lack of care, you’re endangering not only yourself but, others as well.

You think that you’re going to get some sort of special treatment if you come down with it?

There’s something you should know.

There aren’t enough test kits to go around nor are there doctors, hospital spaces, beds, ventilators or whatever else may be needed so, don’t expect that someone is going to make it all better for you should you develop it because you were galivanting around and partying or travelling like there was nothing happening.  Almost every country in this world has cases of it as well as many others that aren’t getting tested because there aren’t enough testing abilities to go around.

This isn’t isolating the young only by the way.  They may be a “Me Generation” but, they’re almost at the same risk as anyone else at this point and it may become evident at some point that they are even on par with those who are or have been considered to be most at risk.  Don’t believe me just watch.

Neighbours have relatives who have travelled over to countries that are chock-full of cases of Covid-19, believing that someone, somehow, somewhere, will be able to bring them back home again when they are ready and that it won’t get them in spite of possible underlying health issues.  It was all non-essential travel as well.  Their trips were more about them and they wanted to do it than anything else and, to make matters worse, they aren’t young either.  Most of them are of grandparent age and actually have grandchildren and grown children so, they aren’t exactly stupid, to say the least.

I have one friend who has gone for a yearly winter vacation to another country and refuses to believe that there possibly won’t be a plane available to them to come home again when they are ready to come back as usual or planned.  All of these beliefs are in spite of many warnings that they may not be able to get back if they don’t leave within a week or so and, that upon re-entry (if they’re lucky enough to be able to get back home again) they will have to self-isolate for 14 days.  They are already “bored” in that country so, what is 14 days without being able to go anywhere going to do with their boredom then?

What I have to say to those who have been foolish enough to travel anyway is that you are no different than anyone else and are likely going to find yourself at minimum, bored once you get back.  If you were to bring Covid-19 with you, you’re going to have to suffer the consequences of the symptoms and, not expect that anyone else is going to take care of you and your reckless and irresponsible choices.  You’re on your own to make yourself soup, tea or get your own ginger ale and pain meds or fever reducers.

More to the point, best of wishes in staying occupied while in self-isolation mode if you don’t have the virus or don’t get it.  

If you think that people are going to want to talk to you and keep you occupied or give you something to do while in self-isolation/quarantine, think again.  It isn’t likely to happen.  Not many people will have much empathy or sympathy for you having made the decisions that you’ve made or why.

It’s difficult to feel sorry for someone who has been away on an unnecessary vacation while others have been at home, trying hard to not spread this virus around to others, having nothing available to them to get to even if they could go.  Their patience has worn thin and expecting them to help you pass your time if nothing is wrong with you, isn’t going to be uppermost on their minds at this point in time.  While it may be because you’re lucky to have such friends, it’s not as likely to happen so, don’t expect it.

Heaven help you if you don’t self-isolate yourself after a trip elsewhere.

Did you tell anyone else that you were going away?  If you did tell others, as most will do, don’t think for a moment that others don’t know that you’ve been away and are out and about.  They are aware and if you’re naive enough to believe that no one will care if you don’t self-isolate after a trip, think again.  People don’t sacrifice their own sanity and freedoms for no good reason.  You’re not that important to them for them to say nothing to you or others so, be sure that you self-isolate if you are lucky enough to get back.  If you develop any symptoms of even a cold (beginning stages can mimic cold symptoms) and, you’re out and about, people are going to squeal at or on you.  Be aware of that fact.

Of course, those who are away right now, aren’t reading this piece yet.  They are too busy being travellers and partying or being mad because their vacation isn’t going as they wanted it to go because of closures or severe disruptions in services.  Let’s reassure ourselves though that we needn’t be feeling any empathy or sympathy for their sob stories when they return nor, need we take care of them when or if they are back.  Don’t even fall for their “I don’t have (fill in the blanks)….”.  That’s their fault for their lackadaisical attitudes and decisions to travel anyway.  There are delivery services that will drop off their goods at their front doorsteps for them if they need anything.  Don’t hustle to get it for them and put yourself in jeopardy after all of your hard work in staying away from other people whenever possible.

Is all of this to say not to help others?

Of course, it’s not to say that by any means but, pick and choose who you help and why.  Don’t do it because people who have done this type of thing are using you or your kindnesses.  Remember that they didn’t care about you or anyone else in the first place to either not go away or to not come back when told or warned to do so.  Why then, should they be the recipients of your care and concern?  Keep in mind that when they aren’t in need any longer, you’ll be one of the last that they will call, invite or possibly even speak to.  Having a good heart means that you reserve it for those who are trying.  For those who aren’t and who have made these types of choices and decisions, uncaring about you and everyone else, don’t give them the chance to put you in danger because you have a kind heart.  Your thoughtfulness may kill you.  Is it worth it?

Stay well.

Love and Light!




Covid-19 Makes Kids More Powerful

Spring Break, Parents fearing speaking up or out and kids gaining power?

Being afraid of something and not fearing anything may sound like opposite ends of the spectrum but, they’re actually part of the same one.

How can that be?

While the entire world (or most of it) fight to level off the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have young people out on beaches, complaining that the virus has ruined their vacation.  They have no care whatsoever about getting it.  All that is on their minds is getting plastered, high or whatever it is that they wish to do.

On the same hand, we have parents, who are sitting back or going to work if needed, filled with fear of getting the virus.  More to the point, they are afraid of saying anything lest their “children” who are partying it up on beaches in crowds, lacking any care at all, take offence to it and think of them as bad parents.

While we have these “adult children” who are out there, whooping it up, nothing bothering them except the idea that the authorities and this virus are hampering their fun, we have their parents, who are sitting back, fearful of speaking poorly or even out about their beach-bound morons who don’t care about a thing other than themselves and their Spring Break.

Over half or so of these “children” couldn’t afford such a trip, to begin with.  Parents have forked over not only their cold-hard cash so that their kids can be smug about it all and openly so but, at the same time, the parents are fearing both the virus coming their way as well as speaking out about their self-centred, narcissistic seeming darlings and dreading what to do with them when they get home.

  • First of all, did these “kids” care one little bit about what type of danger they may be putting their family, parents and perhaps, even grandparents in while they went off to sew their oats?
  • Secondly, handing any of their “children” the money to cover such a trip, either means that the parents are pleasers and avoiding temper tantrums or trying to get their offspring to think that they’re ok and like them or, the parents are plain stupid.  It’s unclear which one it is.
  • Next, trying to remain quiet lest their darlings see them speaking out somewhere, is plainly putting the power right into their adult’s hands.  These are hands that don’t have the brains or care about anyone other than themselves.  It’s like handing a baby a bomb and telling them it’s ok to play with it.
  • Why are we all staying socially separated if these little morons are out there, on beaches, plastered and in contact with one another and everyone else around them to boot?  Why not simply go out and live our lives as they are doing?  What’s there to fear?  Our children seem to have all of the wisdom in the world.  Parents are the stupid ones, right?
  • Let’s also not forget that when these “kids” come home, not only will they moan and groan at the idea of self-isolation or there being “nothing to do” but, they will also be first to squawk if they have a headache, asking “Mom or Dad” for tea, pain relief or demanding that they be brought to a hospital.  Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or Aunt and Uncle be damned.  Didn’t you all realize that you were old and useless anyway?  Don’t dare die on them though.  Who will make them soup or bring them their ginger ale?  Who will put sunburn medication on their backs if you die?
  • Nevermind that they’re taking up test kits that could be used on other people.  They don’t care.  It’s them, them and more them that matters.  No one else is in this world other than them and their “rights”, right?
  • What about the possibility that if you do make it through all of this, they could estrange from you for their myriad of made-up reasons once they have someone else or some other way to live without you.  Aren’t you then, considered superfluous to them?

Meanwhile, I have parents telling me that they’re afraid to speak out and up about estrangement because their estranged adults may figure it out and be mad at them.  Don’t look now but, they’re already mad and it doesn’t matter to them whether it’s real or it’s imagined.  It’s anger and frankly, they aren’t going to get any less angry if you sit in a corner and spin on your own thumb, bite your lip and feel like you’re being good.  They’re still going to be these spoiled, self-absorbed little jerks who took their Spring Break during a global pandemic, not caring about you or your parents or anyone other than themselves.

Oh well, you be the judge but, don’t wonder whether they care or not and cry over it all.

The answer is, if you’re going to not make them care while you still can, they won’t and don’t.

Once they’re gone from your life, you’re lucky if they do return.  Then again, they didn’t care about a virus that could kill them, their family or anyone else, did they?

Have a great day/evening.

Love and Light.


Are You Afraid Of Speaking Up And Out

Are Parents Afraid of Speaking Out About Estrangement? 

Everyone is an individual.  Circumstances are different.  In other words, no 2 people are alike just as no 2 estrangements are the same.  What is of an issue though are the questions of:

1.  What if my adult or someone I know, know it’s me reading and talking about this issue?

2.  I can’t comment because I’m fearful.  What will this do to my estrangement issues?  Will it make it worse?

As stated above already in the opening, it’s purely individual and, I am not a professional.  I will give some food for thought though on the estrangement issue.

First of all, no one should freely talk about personal issues by using their real name or geographical location on the net.  There are far too many out there in this world, on the net, to distrust in regards to personal information.  If you’re wise, you’ll use an alternative name, email address and even change up certain criteria to ensure that you’re not picked out and recognized.  In other words, make up your screen name and have an email address created solely for the purpose of using it on the net no matter what the topic.

Secondly, ask yourself if you truly believe that keeping quiet totally, even with a concealed identity, is going to change your situation for the better with your estranged adult(s).  A good percentage of parents have been estranged from by their adult “children” now for years and in spite of biting their fists, tongues, keeping quiet, not saying a word, their adults still remain estranged.  Is it going to change your adult’s mind by you keeping quiet until you’re 6′ under if they don’t want to be part of your life?  Only you can answer that for yourself but, look at the odds and situation and think that answer over carefully.  Be honest with yourself, not simply how you think it should be but, how it has been all along.  Has it made any difference for you as a parent and perhaps, grandparent?  Think about the answers you give to yourself.

Thirdly, even if people you know, are indeed, following your every move online and even those who have the latest technology and may be able to detect that it’s you somehow in spite of your covering up, think about what it is that the person is truly doing and why.  Someone who spends as much time as they are, tracking your every move, has a vested interest in doing this.  Remember that it takes time, energy, effort and perhaps, even money for them to do this.  Ask yourself why they’d be doing that, let alone being so interested in you.  Were it to be your adult child, there’s some care there in them as to what you’re doing even if it appears to you to be negative in tone.  If it’s someone else in your life, they’re up to no good and they’re going to get you one way or another.  Does that mean that you should never, ever speak a word out lest someone else twist and turns you, your words, your actions, your buying power or whatever it is that they’ve chosen to focus on against you and you’ve bottled it all up inside because of that person?  What’s that doing to you, as a person?  Where are your rights as a person to be a person or are you a silent puppet?

Writing to me is great.  I truly enjoy and like it when commenters write to me.  That’s why I put up my email address for everyone to see on YouTube.  However, I will say that while I respect everyone’s rights to do as they feel best doing, I do have issues with those who proclaim that they read or watch every single thing that I do or say but, cannot comment on anything lest they are found out.  In other words, if someone has never commented, liked or been actively involved in their own circumstances or issues, how can I help them?

While I have trouble getting around to everyone who comments or emails me, let it be known that I do read and take what everyone has to say into account.  It’s the timing for me, what I’m trying to do or not do in other ways (remember that my only or sole purpose in Life isn’t to convince other parents or grandparents what they should do or shouldn’t.  I do have a job and other things as well as people in my life as well who all need some of my energy and time too as well as simply to put up my feet at times too and watch a good movie or two as part of my mental health and physical health).  This all goes to say that if you aren’t commenting or taking part in anything that I’m saying or doing, please don’t expect to have the white glove service from all of this either.  I can only hope that what I have already said has been enough to help in some way or another.

Let it also be acknowledged that if I write a piece in this space (which I have been doing since 2012 by the way), do a YouTube video and take the time, energy and effort to do so, even with having to borrow a camera and having even borrowed a computer but, are only getting a couple of hundred views in spite of having done over a year and a half’s work at writing this piece, I’m not going to do it forever or for everyone and for free.  I get NOTHING from Facebook posts, emails, YouTube videos, Twitter or anything else that I do.  I do it because I care.  End of story.  If no one is watching, reading, liking or few of you, I’m not going to continue doing it.  That would be stupid of me.  I’m wasting time, energy and effort that I could be turning onto other things.

That being said, I do care about what’s going on with everyone who has been estranged from.  I simply want to hear from those who are in this situation even though it is under an assumed name with circumstances changed.

On that note, I will end here and allow you all to decide what helps, why, what you plan to do or not do and I’m about to go on with making dinner.

Be well, Stay safe,

Love and Light!



Social Media Adds Gasoline To Covid-19 Fires And Fears

Social Media Methods May Cause More Problems And Fears As Well As Misinformation


It seems that the “news” on television and radio as well as Social Media are the biggest sources of spreading fear of Covid-19 than the virus itself.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not at all saying that keeping vigilant through educating oneself isn’t prudent to do but, there can be an overload of information that causes public panic to escalate the situation far more than it needs to be and, spread false information which more than upsets the public with unnecessary phobias and information and there is no Snopes for this phenomenon.

Sure it’s wise to reconsider any travel plans that you have if the governments don’t do it for you.  Yes, it’s wise to keep a box of goodies for children who may have to miss school due to a 14 day or so quarantine to keep them and you safe.  Of course, it’s wise to not have your shelves bare of food but, most of these things should be common sense practices not only during Covid-19 mass panic situations.

I was watching the news tonight where there are suggested items to have on hand but, nowhere does it say “having 641 rolls of toilet paper” is needed.

I also took a trip to a local dollar store that usually has an overstock of hand sanitizer as well as other medical staples on hand.  The shelves were bare.  While I wasn’t in the hunt for hand sanitizer or soap, I was on the look-out for rubbing alcohol for an art project as well as a cut that needs tending to.  None was to be found.  Even Hydrogen Peroxide was about to be emptied out completely but, I grabbed a small bottle of it for that nasty, infected looking cut on my hand.  Forget rubbing alcohol for my art project.  There wasn’t any of it anywhere.

That started me thinking about people who truly need these items for reasons other than sanitizing hands or floors or whatever people are going to pour it onto.  Sadly, most dollar stores only sell alcohol in 50% strengths which is far from being effective against a coronavirus such as Covid-19. If you’re in doubt, do an internet search on “DIY Hand Sanitizer” to see that less than 60% strength, all combined with other ingredients as well, is of little use to disinfecting for these viruses.

Thankfully, I did get a small bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide for my wound and I’ve used it along with some pretty OTC triple antibiotic ointment but, what about those who need alcohol for other reasons?

Yes, I know, it’s an “I have to take care of myself” type of world but, come on.  No one needs 641 rolls of toilet paper stockpiled and nobody needs 206 bottles of 50% strength alcohol lining their basements.  Other people need it for other reasons too, you know.

Mind you, it hasn’t helped that many people are either talking on cell phones or have one in their hands constantly with which to grab a selfie and post it, let alone to spread even more anxiety on normally, calm, rational-minded people.  As one man said on the news tonight, “people with half a brain normally don’t find the need to hoard skids full of toilet paper or water but, when Social Media spreads information like wildfires, a normal person may begin to believe that there’s something wrong with them for NOT panicking.”


I was in the store as you’ve just heard me say when I came upon an Asian woman, blindly walking down the aisles, mask over mouth and nose, backpack over her back, not realizing or perhaps, caring that it stuck out and caused people not to be able to pass her by while looking at placemats on the shelves.  It was only then that I realized that the woman’s mask had been pushed up so far over her eyes that she couldn’t see what she was looking at so intently.  Not only was I laughing at the fact that she hadn’t taken the width of her backpack on her back into mind and that it prevented people from passing her by without saying “excuse me, excuse me, EXUUUUSSSSE MEEEE” but, I was also nearly doubled over when I realized that her mask was up over her eyes and her face was as red as a cherry from overheating herself.

Anyway, I digress.  There are attempts being made at making your own masks should you wish to.  While you’re searching for DIY hand sanitizer recipes, try typing in “DIY face masks”.  Apparently, people are so frightened of not being able to get ahold of any that they’re making their own.  Are they effective?  I don’t know but, I do know that any mask (other than a full facial mask as used in hospitals by doctors) is useless against catching the virus.  Be your own judge, please.

Now, watch shelves empty of charcoal!

Ok, this ends Chapter 2 on Covid-19 coverage.  Stay tuned for more if you’re so inclined.

Oh yes, and please, if you’re thinking of travelling to one of the countries affected and infected most by the virus, and if there are flights with which to get there, think again.  You may find yourself on an extended vacation with no way home or for all that’s holy, right to re-enter your home country again any time soon.  If you’re planning on taking a cruise…think again, please.  We’ve all long since known that cruise ships are hotbeds of infections.  They are floating Petrie dishes for anything that’s going around.  Even if you don’t have cancellation insurance on your trip, think of the cost of a week or two and two more once your home in quarantine.  It’s got to cost you more than the cost of that trip, right?  That is unless you have 4 weeks of vacation coming to you.  Be prepared to use it all up with this.  It’s possible so, stay put and if you have a screaming kid to put up with, what better time to start training them into being human, right?

Be well.

Love and Light!

Masks Or Hand Sanitizer For Covid-19


Coronavirus:  They’re out of hand sanitizer!

There are literally millions of people all over this planet right now who are finding out that few, if any, stores have hand sanitizer or masks in stock for the average Joe or Jane.  What is one to do?

First of all, don’t panic.

That’s number one on the list.

Your chances and mine of catching this virus are about as big as winning the local lottery.  No possibility of that, huh?  That is as long as you haven’t travelled to an infectious area like Wuhan, China or Northern Italy and, let’s not forget Iran and come in contact with someone who was carrying the virus and didn’t know it or hadn’t developed symptoms of it.

If you’re like many, many people who have panicked and travelled from store to store, only to find no hand sanitizer or masks in stock, not to mention toilet paper or bottled water (for heaven knows what reasons), you’re not alone.  Fear has driven people to do extraordinary things like buying up or stockpiling all of this stuff.  What’s next?  Peanut butter and jam or garlic cloves because some morons out there have deemed it not only a cure but, necessary to keep in stock?  Have you filled up your propane tanks in case of a power outage and you need your morning coffee?  One can always use their BBQs right?

Got enough blankets, candles and plywood for windows to board up in the event that some vigilantes have discovered that you have cans of baked beans and a can opener?  Oh wait, you hadn’t thought of that yet?  Get thyself to a store and get some like NOW before they run out of it all.

Armaggedon is about to hit and you want to be prepared, right?  The “preppers” are all prepared.  They have their bunkers, guns, toilet paper, coffee and rations.  What’s wrong with you?

All joking aside, this really isn’t any different than any other coronavirus.

Did you know that we’ve had coronavirus all along?

What do I mean?

A coronavirus is an entire group of viruses that we have had around since the beginning of time.  This virus (Covid-19) may have had few studies done on it yet but, remember SARS?  That was a Coronavirus as well.  Each strain of these viruses has been named a different name and yet, viruses have existed forever.  Covid-19 is simply the lesser-known of those strains though, SARS had little known about it until after the fact, right?  Yes, the numbers of deaths seem out of whack with other germs that we’ve had in circulation over the years but, that’s because the media wasn’t on it 24/7 like it is with Covid-19.  The sensationalism sells air-time.  Fear also sells hand sanitizer and masks too, doesn’t it?  It’s a win-win situation for these companies and those networks that own news stations.  They’re raking in the dough on it faster than we ordinary folk can say “bull” and have me wondering if I should have bought stock in the Purell hand sanitizer companies.  Darn, I wish that I had have now.  I’d have been wealthier than I am now, by far.

Before you freak right out and man-handle a poor store clerk by grabbing them by the collar and pulling them over a counter, telling them “check the back.  You HAVE to have more there” or, shake them down for their own bottles of it, think again.  Do you really need it?  There are other things than commercially prepared formulations that can be used instead.

By the way, did you leave me in your Will?  Asking just in case is all.  (You can insert a laugh here).

Did you get your flu shot this year?  No?  Why not?  No, it doesn’t cover Covid-19 but, who knew what strains would be the concerning ones this year?  The “WHO” certainly didn’t know.  It should take about a year or so and they’ll be adding it to every single dose that they give out even if it hasn’t been an issue at that point.  It’ll give the illusion that their vaccines worked.  I think that I’m going to buy into a Big Pharma right now so that down the road, I won’t regret having not bought into the Purell company.

Back to reality.

So, you’ve run out of or you’re running out of hand sanitizer and, not a shelf in any store has any?  What’s a body to do?

  1. It’s been shown by studies that plain ole soap and water and washing your hands through a rounding chorus of “Happy Birthday” (sung inside of your head so that no one else hears how terribly you sing it…well, save for professional singers that is or someone who fancies themselves as good as one sans Auto-Tune) for 15 to 25 seconds, will do the trick. That’s PLAIN old soap.  Nothing fancy like anti-bacterial soap.  All that’s needed is that you get the crud off of your skin so that a virus won’t stick to it all.
  2. If you’re out and don’t want to appear OCD over hand-washing practises or sound like an injured cow, singing to yourself, hand sanitizer may help some but, won’t totally replace good old fashioned hand washing with plain old soap and water.  What?  You say that you’re out of it and can’t get it?  Again, didn’t you stockpile for the end of the world like “the preppers”?  Calm down.  There are alternatives to some company making it for you and bottling it to make a profit.
  3. While not easy on our skin, alcohol is one ingredient that may help.  Yes, it has to be more than 50%.  It has to be more than 60% and shouldn’t be used straight lest you dry the crap out of your skin.  (HINT:  Keep some hand moisturizer plentiful if you can and even diaper cream works well.)  Search engine “DIY hand sanitizers”.  There’s a whole other world out there on how to make some with proportions.  Did you know that Aloe Vera Gel and 70% alcohol or better (not Vodka though it may be drank to help you calm down and not murder store clerks), is as good a base as anything else?  So is glycerin though the concoction may be more liquid than you’d prefer, try a spray bottle gotten at any dollar store or clean out a used bottle and mark it as hand sanitizer so that you won’t accidentally spray it into your hair.
  4. Many of the household cleaners that we use around the house make great virus killers as well.  Try soaking some cut up diaper wipes (unless the preppers have bought all of them up too) in something you’d use around the house and putting them into baggies to carry in your purse.  Just remember that this is a stop-gap measure and doesn’t replace finding the nearest bathroom to wash your hands while giving out one of your now-famous concerts.
  5. Whether it’s Covid-19 or anything else one can dream up, keeping your hands from your face, mouth and nose (yeah, no picking it anymore) may be your best defence no matter how often you wash your hands or put a plethora of things to sanitize them on.

As for those masks, forget them.

While the proper masks might be of some use to those who are on the front lines of infectious people, Hazmat suits may be more in line with what helps them best.  Those masks that we see everyone wearing under their chins like beard hair, don’t stop the virus from getting in.  Viruses pass right through those things.  Don’t waste your money on them.  Even those who manage to walk, talk and eat with them on, (I’m still scratching my head on that one), and can still breathe through them, may think that they’re helping themselves or that they’re better than nothing, are only hiding their faces and doing little else.  It’s a great fashion statement that says, “hey, look at me.  I’ve been to a place that’s infected or maybe YOU are infected and I’m going to be safe Sucker!”

Insulted yet?  You should be.

The ONE thing that masks are good for is in keeping your hands from your face holes a bit more than usual.

Now, gloves, I’ve yet to try to get but, that crud sticks to gloves too so, if you touch your face or don’t bother to wash them either, what’s the sense?  I mean, aren’t your hands good enough?  It’s not like this virus seeps through the skin and infects you.  It’s putting your fingers up to your itchy eyes or nose or mouth that does it.  For heaven’s sake, wash those paws with plain ole soap and water or carry some heavy-duty towelettes with you and a travel-size bottle of soap for a squirt of soap if you can’t get to a bathroom to wash your hands properly.  Don’t forget your best voice or keep it in your head if you please.  There’s nothing worse than an untimed, uncoordinated, rousing set of “Happy Birthday” songs sung badly or by novices, is there?  Our eardrums may burst before we ever get Covid-19.

If you’re so inclined, could someone with the virus please cough, sneeze and spit in Trump’s face to save the assassins the trouble, please?  Thank you.

By the way, if you’re planning on travelling anywhere, think about it hard and long.  Not travelling right now may be your best defence against this virus.

Be well,

Love and Light!


Estranged Adults Don’t Hold The Holy Grail To Parenting

UnknownA lot of parents of estranged adults tend to be caught up in the idea that they also lose out on any grandchildren if there are any and they know of them.  Reality says that when adult children make a decision to estrange themselves, without having been beaten mentally, emotionally or physically, they have also taken the decision away for their children if they have any, on being grandchildren as well.  In other words, estranged adult’s children become “victims” to their parent’s choices.

Of course, every parent alive and non-abusive feels that they’re always going to be the better parent.  Actually, every adult who estranges themselves, figures that they have reason and therefore are somehow better than their parent or knows more.  It’s only fitting then that they will also feel as though their own children don’t need grandparents as part of their lives.  Grandchildren then become bargaining chips or even victims to their parent’s decisions, choices and whims.

What they haven’t figured out fully yet is that Life can be cruel and throw curveballs at them and everyone around them.

They may even feel smug that they’ve got others in their lives (aka friends, in-laws or whatever) and they don’t need the people that they once called “Mom” and “Dad”.  As an adult, one would hope that they don’t need their shoelaces tied or to be woken up to get to work but, that’s still out with the jury, isn’t it?

What always baffles me is that a lot of these now adult “children” will have children of their own and figure that the children don’t need their grandparent(s) as part of their lives.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, grandparents play a huge role in their grandchildren’s growth years and, unless the parent was to have been beaten or truly neglected greatly, all that they’re really doing is preventing their own children from truly having a piece of the pie.

Let’s ask ourselves a few questions here:

  1. Do our estranged adults really have all of their ducks in a row so that they can make choices and decisions such as this for their own children?
  2. If, as they will scream out without thought, these adults who have chosen to estrange themselves are so beaten by their parents, how is it that they can consider themselves “good parents” themselves?  Aren’t they then, simply “damaged goods”?
  3. Doesn’t #2 stand true even for those who don’t have children or don’t have them yet?
  4. How do “damaged people/goods” raise children to be non-damaged?
  5. I don’t care if Leonardo DaVinci were to come back and have children, even DaVinci wasn’t a perfect person with knowledge about how to live life so, who are our estranged adults to not only slap labels haphazardly upon our foreheads as their former parents and without ceremony or the education to do so save for some search engined information?
  6. If priests, hockey coaches, teachers etc., have flaws to have sexually molested children and yet, parents have done none of this to their children to have them estrange, under what grounds do adults who estrange themselves have to honestly use as a “cause” with which to estrange?  It would only stand to reason that these adults would be crumpled heaps of mess on the floor, never operating as proper people should something like a priest, coach, teacher or whatever were to have done to them what was done to others, right?
  7. No one holds the Holy Grail of Parenting.  That includes our estranged adults as well.  Last time I checked, children don’t come with manuals though search engines and people out to sell something, somehow, someway, will attempt to say differently.  We know that raising a child or children isn’t that easy, is it?  One need only to search engine the term “manual for children” to come up with some crazy results.  As Bruno Mars would say in Uptown Funk and I would say, “Don’t believe me”…just try!
  8. Amassing a pile of information whether it be through books or the net or a clergy person at the front of a room full of people doesn’t mean that someone knows everything practical.  They may have stored a tremendous number of ideas or studies or whatever but, putting any of those things into changing a diaper and dealing with a screaming child isn’t exactly the same thing as learned or acquired information, is it?
  9. In-Laws may be wonderful, great and even helpful but, what happens when they are ill and of no more use to your adult child who has estranged themselves from you, along with those grandchildren?
  10. Social Media is famous for starting wars within families and friends.  Keep in mind that it takes about 10 seconds or so to smile and line up a shot, looking happy and content.  It takes another 30 seconds or so for them to write a lovely blurb about how much fun they had or how delicious their meal was and post it to social media.  What about the other hours, days, even moments before and after that shot was taken?  It doesn’t seem to matter if it was Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any plethora of social media that can be found, trust me, your adult “child” is NOT as happy as what they wish others to believe.  Don’t believe me (here I go again as I seem to have it on the brain), call someone you see on a social media page, smiling and seemingly on top of the world and see if their lives are really as wonderful as they’ve appeared on a social media snapshot or blurb that they’ve written.  You and I both know that Life is not one huge picnic so, what makes us think that our adult’s lives are any different?

All of that said, if we can answer any of those questions for ourselves, think about what it may be like for grandchildren who are being kept from grandparents.

Children may be children and only concerned with their own lives at the moment.  As long as they have food in their tummies, a place to sleep, Mommy/Daddy or both and the other set of grandparents to dote on them, they will feel ok for a while in their lives.  This is especially true if they didn’t know you and vice versa.  However, much like someone who has found out that they were adopted, there’s going to be questions about you from them.  It doesn’t seem to matter how well a parent can recite the “wrongs” that they’ve had done to them by their parents, a grandchild will want to know their grandparent(s) and to discern for themselves.  The few who don’t want it, maybe simply what their parent has made them into.

Someone once said that there’s a price tag to every choice, decision or action.  While I can’t remember right now, who said it, there’s a famous person who also said that for every action, there’s an equal or greater reaction.  While none of us wish anyone else to be in the pain that we’re in, we also can’t stop what will happen with a good percentage of our grandchildren one day.  They will also estrange from their own parent(s).

After all, haven’t they learned from the best?

Who will be there for our children when this happens?

Best of wishes!

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Stress and anxiety are among the two most common sources of work-weariness and complaint among urbanites, corporate executives, and other people who go each day to “fight” in the concrete jungles. Endless streams of tasks and unbeatable deadlines seem to push people near to the brink of resignation, if not from the job itself, but…

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