Titanic Requiem By Robin & Robin-John Gibb Honored While The Former Bee Gee Lays In Coma

As the world marks the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic April 15, 2012, former Bee Gees singer, Robin Gibb lays in a coma, in grave condition with pneumonia, unable to attend  the world presentation of the music he wrote as a commemoration to the ship he became so fascinated with over his lifetime.

Robin Gibb, along with his son, Robin-John Gibb had worked together for approximately two and a half years in writing and producing “Titanic Requiem” to mark the milestone anniversary of the ship’s sinking that took 1,514 people’s lives on April 15, 1912.

Sadly, in a twist of irony, the 62 year old former pop star, Robin Gibb, best known for his musical talents during the Disco Era in the 1970’s with his brothers, Barry and Maurice (deceased), lays in a hospital bed in  in Chelsea, West London, comatose and near death, surrounded by his family as the anniversary he worked to honor, passes by without his cognizance.

Robin Gibb had been struggling since October of 2010 with health problems related to a twisted bowel, a condition his twin brother, Maurice, died from some nine years ago at the age of 53.  The surgery revealed colon cancer that had spread to his liver but, Gibb had fought back with a miraculous recovery only to find a second tumor had grown.

For the next two years, while Gibb battled to recover, he and his son, Robin-John, 29 years of age, worked tirelessly in writing the music piece to commemorate the ship’s sinking a century before.  Too ill to attend the world premier, Gibb’s son and co-writer stood in for his father and himself at the ceremonial presentation this past Thursday in London, England.

Robin Gibb In the 1970's
More Recent Robin Gibb Photo

Most of us who were out boogeying down at discos in the 70’s think of Robin Gibb most from his days as a Bee Gee.  The high pitched, almost chipmunk sounding voices, blended to a disco beat, kept our feet moving, and a lot of women drooling over The Brothers Gibb.

It was sad to learn of Maurice’s death in the early 2000’s but, to hear that Robin is now in grave condition and possibly near death as well, puts Life into perspective as to just how short it is.

The Titanic was a hefty ship, thought to be sturdy enough to withstand whatever nature’s forces could throw at it while scarcely disturbing the guests of the hotel resort on water.  Robin Gibb has been thought of as an iron clad icon to many of us.  Both, however, have been taken down by nature and its forces.

As Robin Gibb fights for his life, we mark the anniversary of the sinking of the ship that Gibb had spent more than two years working on a musical composition to commemorate.

Let’s hope and pray that, unlike The Titanic, Robin Gibb rises from the brink of death and is able to share more of himself with the world.

The Titanic was steel and fine china.  Gibb is flesh and blood with a fighting spirit.

Perhaps, spirit is stronger than steel?

There’s Nothing “Missing” In Ashley Judd’s Latest Rant

There’s no doubt in this photo, that Ashley Judd’s face is somewhat bloated looking by comparison to what the public has come to see her as looking.  In a way, she’s looking almost unrecognizable so, naturally, people are going to wonder what’s going on to change her looks that drastically and rather suddenly.

There’s no getting around the fact that Judd’s appearance has changed. One look at the photos above, proves that much.

As the star of the new ABC television series, “Missing”, where Judd’s character is racing against time to find her missing son, all eyes have been on Judd and with that, her appearance change.

Judd has recently lashed out at the media for their rather hefty and degrading scrutiny, wondering if she’d put on weight or had plastic surgery.  In a long but, well written essay style rant, in The Daily Beast, Judd bashes the media and bloggers for their relentless and hurtful coverage of her puffy face appearance saying,

“…the conversation was pointedly nasty, gendered, and misogynistic and embodies what all girls and women in our culture, to a greater or lesser degree, endure every day, in ways both outrageous and subtle. The assault on our body image, the hypersexualization of girls and women and subsequent degradation of our sexuality as we walk through the decades, and the general incessant objectification is what this conversation allegedly about my face is really about.”

While we all know that media love to get ahold of a story and beat the daylights out of it from every angle, especially when it concerns a celebrity, it’s not totally unfounded to wonder what has been going on with Judd’s appearance change.

Judd claims that her face puffiness is due to a sinus infection for which she had to take steroids and while I’m not doubting that explanation as steroids do some pretty wild bloating to a person’s body and especially, a face, one need only question why Judd went to the lengths that she did instead of simply saying that she was on the meds and her face would return to normal?  Why the necessity for the rant?

Judd, herself admits that she has learned not to let media get to her and to expect it to happen.  Yet, she has taken this opportunity to go into what some have described as a Feminist stance going further to say,

“The Conversation about women’s bodies exists largely outside of us, while it is  also directed at (and marketed to) us, and used to define and control us,” adding that her own “personal practice is to ignore what is written”  about her.

She then, goes on to slam other women, who apparently, in her mind,  “joining in the ongoing disassembling of my appearance,” and bringing attention to her puffy face.

Judd ends her essay with the statement,

“…As focused on me as it appears to have been, it is about all girls and women. In fact, it’s about boys and men, too, who are equally objectified and ridiculed, according to heteronormative definitions of masculinity that deny the full and dynamic range of their personhood.”

While Judd is right that women and men are both objectified and ridiculed for their looks, one has to also be aware that as a celebrity, one has put themselves even more squarely into public scrutiny than the average Jane or John.  When you put yourself upon a public stage, everything is open to scrutiny.  Sadly, that will include a person’s looks.  That’s why there are so many celebrities, starving themselves, working out at gyms and going for plastic surgery.

There is an easy solution to that dilema.  If you don’t want the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

It’s always fascinated me how stars want the attention.  Whether the attention is for their acting or their looks, clothes, fashion sense or whatever, the truth is, one way or another, celebrities want attention, period or they wouldn’t be in the business.  In this day and age, it’s not as though they don’t know that stardom comes with attention.  Some of it will be what they want and some of it won’t.  That’s life.  That’s what everyone has to go through even us regular folks.  Each and every one of us is open to other people’s scrutiny in one way or another.  Most of us know it that we’re being talked about whether we ever hear it or not.  Stars have simply put themselves in a place and position to have more of that type of gossip and scrutiny than us regular joes.

Having said all of that, I do sympathize with Judd’s dilema, outrage and anger but, I can’t empathize with her when she’s promoing her newest show, wanting both viewer and media attention drawn to both it and herself as she laughs herself to the bank with a huge paycheck for it all.  In effect, it is Ashley, herself that is bringing on the attention to herself.  She can’t expect that she’s only going to get what type of attention she’s seeking, how, where and why either.  If you beg for attention, you’re going to get it but, you may not always like what kind you get.

I can, however, say that the principle behind her rant is correct.  We do tend to objectify both females and males in our lives to some extent or another.  It isn’t right nor, is it fair to any of us but, unfortunately, it’s part of life and human nature.  We tend to do it as an attempt to somehow make ourselves feel better about our own flaws, warts and personal fears.  In a perfect world, that wouldn’t be the case but, no one ever said this was a perfect world.

So, to Ms. Judd, I say, either give media the answers so that they won’t speculate, learn to live with the scrutiny or, get out of the public eye where you can live largely unnoticed and change all that you want.  You can’t have everything.

If there’s anything more to take note of here, it’s that Ashley Judd knows how to use a dictionary and thesaurus well.  I needed one to just read her rant.

Transgendered Miss Universe Contestant Jenna Talackova Will Compete



While it’s still unclear to me as to when and how the battle ended, it appears that transgendered beauty pagent entrant, Jenna Talackova will be competing in the Miss Universe Pagent next month (May 2012).

This is a first.  It will make history books.  It will also open doors for larger issues to be discussed more openly within the Transgendered, Gay and Lesbian Rights movement.

Talackova was interviewed on Good Morning America this morning where she stated that she has a boyfriend and wants at least two children in her future.  However, she did say that she didn’t tell her boyfriend at first that she was transgendered, stating that she wanted to “get to know one another first”.

I can’t imagine the shock of her boyfriend finding out that little fact after having gotten to know her and perhaps, having seen the potential of a future with the beauty he had been dating.  It’s not like she had simply told him that she wasn’t a natural blond.  She lowered the boom on the idea that she had been born a male.  That has to do a number on someone’s mind, to say the least.  Not only had she not divulged this fact and been open about it but, it gives the impression that she’s been somewhat uneasy within herself with that fact.

I had first wondered why any woman would want to enter a degrading beauty contest to begin with, let alone a transgendered woman but, it’s now becoming a bit more clear to me that perhaps, there was a point to be proved within Jenna herself and to herself?  Perhaps, Jenna feels some inner need to prove to herself that she is every bit a woman as she feels that she is and the beauty pagent is one of the most public ways of someone getting attention as a woman in being judged on their beauty?

Not only has Talackova lied on her entrance application about her transgendered state by withholding that information but, she’s also done the very same thing with her boyfriend and likely a lot of other people she’s had in her life since her gender change.  Is that saying something about her feelings within herself and about herself with this issue?

I don’t think that it takes a psychiatrist or therapist to look at these facts and say that either Talackova is out to prove something to the world or, she’s out to prove something to herself.  Either way, there’s something that Talackova needs to prove to someone, somewhere.  Whether it’s simply that she’s beautiful or whether it’s that she feels so fully a woman that the ultimate test is in entering an international beauty pagent, it’s clear that Talackova has something to test and prove to someone….perhaps, herself?

I wish her luck in this pagent.  I see no reason why she shouldn’t have been permitted to comptete in the first place but, in retrospect, I can see that there was merit in the fact that she has lied about her transgendered status by mere omission of that fact to both her boyfriend as well as the Miss Universe pagent.  Lies through omission are still considered a form of lying.

Jenna, may need to come to grips with her transgendered state more completely to allow her to be open about it in certain circumstances.  Of course, the entire world now knows.  At least those who have cared but, the fact is, the Miss Universe pagent may just be a form of her coming to grips with her transgendered role as a woman.

Good luck, Jenna.  Wishing you well.

Artist Thomas Kinkade Dies While Critics Deem His Art Worthless

Artist, Thomas Kinkade, the self-proclaimed, Painter of Light, has died of natural causes in his Los Gatos, California, USA home on Friday.  The full cause of his death has not been released to the public.  He was 54 years of age.


Sadly, many will miss Kinkade producing new works of art for the world to enjoy.  Though many critics have deemed Kinkade’s work “of no worth”, there are tens of millions of people who have prints of his works, hanging in their livingroom who will say differently.

It’s hard to fathom how Kinkade’s work can be considered as worthless.  If I were to hazard a guess, I’d have to say that it’s because it was commercialized.  Some critics have called it “formulaic” with a central theme that occurs over and over again in each of his paintings.  He produced some 1,000 paintings over his lifetime which included the topics of cabins, nature scenes, seascapes and classic Americana.

If Kinkade’s works were considered worthless because they had a theme or style that was fairly distinctly Kinade-ish, then what can be said about authors whose works are also formulaic such as Deepak Chopra, Sylvia Browne, Agatha Christie, Harlequin writers, J.K. Rowling and so many more?  What about musicians whose work are all containing similar themes and sound similar from album to album?  What about the famous Group of Seven artists?  The list of those involved in a form of art can go on and on as many of them have become formulaic in their work.

Thomas Kinkade's : A Child's A Gift

For most, artists are supposed to be “starving” and not famous until their deaths or, they’re not considered, “real artists”.  Struggle seems to be the mark of a great works of art, living on bread and coffee, squalored small studio lofts with cots as beds amongst the brushes and turpentine.  Kinkade turned his work into a multi-million dollar empire, complete with galleries to house his works and books containing photos of them.  He knew how to market his work and himself.  Does that make him a fake?  Did he not produce this art with brushes and paints on his own?  However, it seems that the critics have deemed him akin to the Starfrit gadgets that you see on infomercials rather than an artist.

There’s a whimisical feel to all of Kinkade’s work.  It brings the viewer into a scene that one only wishes that they could live in.  His ability to bring light into his scenes makes them warm and inviting, making us want to be there, amongst the flowers and even trudging through the snow.  There’s a portrayal of family, love, peace and kindness that the world can only hope and dream of and sometimes, if we’re lucky, get glimpses of.  They are akin to being part of a dream world where there is only love and warmth.  Who wouldn’t want to be in one of them, living amongst the beauty that they emit?

Though some have come forward to say that he was not an angel of a man, reportedly, often drinking and bitter, sitting in strip clubs, it isn’t his life that was to be judged.  It takes away nothing from his works of art.  Many of the Greats in the worlds of music, writing and art were mentally disturbed, alcoholics, womanizers and miserable humanbeings.  Yet, their works have been heralded by most.  Ernest Hemmingway, Elvis Presely, Jimmi Hendrix, Edgar Allan Poe, Whitney Houston, Spencer Tracey, Joan Crawford, Vincent Van Gogh, Ludwig van Beethoven and the list could go on for several hundred more to be added.  Suffice it to say that it wasn’t Kinkade’s life but, rather his wealth from his art that critics have leapt upon with wrath.

I, for one, will go on enjoying Kinkade’s works of art.  They have a quality to them that takes me far away from the maddening crowd and this world that can sometimes, feel like a cold, hard world and oftentimes, begging for escape.

Instead of a bottle of vodka or a prescription for tranquilizers, I can lose myself in a painting that evokes something emotionally wonderful within me.  Kinkade’s works do that for me and while I don’t currently own any prints of his works, I am thinking that I will now go and search his website for prints to order and have framed.  Though I am following suit in buying a dead artist’s works now that he’s gone, I deem his works as worthy of a place in my home.  That is what makes art, worthy…not what the critics have to say.

May you rest in peace, Mr. Kinkade and may “heaven” be even more beautiful than what you’ve painted for us.  We have tiny pieces of a “heaven” by gazing at your works.

Is Life Half Full Or Half Empty?


When we look at a half full glass, we can think inside the box and see the glass either half full, or half empty.  However, the truth is, it is always full.  One half air and one half fluid.

Both Pessimists and Optimists will only see the fluid.  Pessimists will see half the glass empty of that liquid, while Optimists will see it as half full.  It takes a Realist to see what neither the Pessimist nor, the Optimist can see…the element that is invisible yet, fills the other half of the glass, making it full, all of the time.

No matter what level the liquid in that glass is, it cannot be empty….unless, of course, one were to place it in a vacuum.

Since none of us live in a vacuum, that scenario is not applicable were we to apply the half full, half empty glass as a metaphor for our lives. Though this type of analogy could become complicated if we wanted it to, it really needn’t be.

Our lives are like a glass.  The contents of that glass are all that have happened, are happening and ever will happen to us in our lives.  The liquid in that glass comprises our experiences, both good and bad, past, present and future.  The air, are all of the occurances that we scarcely notice or count as part of our lives and yet they are.  They are the other half of our life’s experiences.

Most of us have a pretty good idea of how much good and how much bad we have had in our lives. The Pessimist or The Optimist will look only upon the liquid and, will deem it as good or as bad, sad or happy, hard or easy, bitter or sweet.  The Realist will look at not only the liquid but, also the air that comprises the rest of the contents of that glass and deem it positive, negative and neutral, all mixed together.

While most of us will concentrate on either the negative or the positive, depending upon our thinking patterns, how much of our lives go unnoticed and are simply neutral events with neither a positive nor, a negative spin but, still part of our lives?

We can all look back or forward to events that have happened, are  happening or we’re waiting to happen, attaching good or bad labels to them.  We can look at a wedding, a birth, an engagement, a new job, a pay raise, a party, a vacation, a dinner out and millions of other events as positive events.  Equally, we can look back at or anticipate a death, a job loss, a fight or argument and a plethora of other things that we can deem as negative.  All of these are consciously remembered and put into our memories, recorded in permanent markers as parts of our lives that make up the liquid that is in our glass of life.

However, there are other things that comprise the contents of the glass that we call, Life.

We have the moments that we do not record in indelable memories and therefore, will subconsciously dismiss them as being part of that liquid.  It is these moments which are the air in that glass.  The air is every bit as important to the composition of our lives as the liquid contents.

These are usually the ordinary moments.  They are the ones in which we do not deem them as good or bad.  They just are.

These “just are” moments are the ones in which we’re sitting, watching television, listening to music, doing our taxes, cleaning our washrooms and floors, doing dishes, taking a shower, taking a nap, walking to the store, buying groceries, getting our hair cut, brushing our teeth and just about every mundane thing that we all have to do in a day or on a regular basis.  They are the “ordinary moments”.  The moments that make up the greatest percentage of our time.  Yet, we dismiss them as parts of our lives because they are neither good nor, bad.  They are..ordinary.

Why do we not consider those moments part of the liquid in our glasses?  Why does that half of the glass remain thought of as empty?

We don’t normally think of air.  It is invisible and all around us.  However, it is one of the most important things that we can have.  Without it, we’d have no life and therefore, no glass and no liquid to put in it.  Yet, we don’t think about it.  We simply breathe it in and out automatically.

The same holds true of the neutral or ordinary in our lives.  We take those moments for granted and we dismiss them, not attaching ourselves to them and therefore, not remembering them.  We will only file those moments as something to remember if they involve some sort of out of the oridnary pain or pleasure whilst doing them.  Yet, these events, by far, make up the majority of our lives.  They are our “air”.

Great events and horrendous events are recorded in our minds because we mark them by the emotions that they give us and leave us with.  Neutral events aren’t recorded because we rarely attach emotion to them but, need it be that way?

How can we make the “air” more memorable and therefore, count it as important parts of our lives?

When we are sitting watching television, we can take note of the wonder of being able to take the time to watch it or, the beauty of watching it with our loved ones or pets.  We can enjoy the comfort of our chairs or sofas.

As we’re washing the dishes, or taking a shower, we can take more notice of the feel of the soap and the warmth of the water upon our skin and realize how lucky we are to have hot, running water when there are people in the world who don’t have any water to drink or wash in.

Pushing our carts around a grocery store, we can be thankful for the ability to walk and push that cart or, be grateful that we have the money to pick up those groceries to fill our stomachs every day.  We can listen to the musak being piped throughout the store.  Ever notice it?  Have you listened to the music that plays in most major stores?  Didn’t know it existed?  Try listening the next time you go in.

Even the most mundane and rather dreary of tasks, like cleaning our toilets or vacuuming (unless you’re clean obsessed and get relief and joy from cleaning) can become meaningful when we think about the healthy state that we’re putting ourselves and our loved ones in by doing it.  Still not happy with that idea?  Put on some well loved music while you’re doing it and sing along with it, dance around while you’re mopping the floors or cleaning out your workbench or garage.  It then becomes a happier experience.

Talk to your hairstylist the next time you’re getting your hair cut.  Listen to what she or he has to say.  Strike up a conversation and treat him or her like a person you’re wanting to know, even if it’s only for those few minutes or that one time.  It’s surprising what we pick up from others in even the most ordinary of conversations.

Watch the people around you while you wait for the bus or subway.  Be in the moment, fully aware of those around you.  It’s guaranteed that something that someone does, will be memorable or strike a memory within you somehow.

Even taking a nap can become a moment that can be made into a lovely time.  Think about the comfort of the couch or chair or even your head on your arm on your desk and how good it feels to allow your eyes to close and drift off into sleep.  It’s a moment of letting go.  That can be a wonderful feeling if you allow yourself to think about it and attach emotion to it through conscious thought.

Most of our day is taken up with the oridnary air.  Our lives are not all liquid but, we can turn the air into liquid if we attach conscious thinking to everything that we do in our lives.

By attaching consciousness to everything that we do in a positive way, our glasses of life will always be full.  Not half full, but truly full.

Live Life Like A Dog

Eat what you want, when you’re hungry and only until you’re satisfied.  If you don’t like your dinner, don’t eat it.  Eventually, you’ll get something you like and can gobble it down.

Give yourself a treat for every job well done.  You can always go for a run through the park to work it off.

Lay on your back in the grass and soak up the sunshine.  Roll around a bit too, if you’re so inclined.  It works out the knots.

Instead of worrying, fretting and working so hard, take a nap. Take several in a day and stop worrying if you don’t sleep all night.  You can always stay up with the cat.

Find something you love to do and do it repetedly, until you’ve had enough of it…then nap.

Go for a walk, stopping to smell the roses and flowers in every yard.  The police may come but, you’re only sniffing.

Run excitedly to the door when a loved one comes home and greet them with loving kisses.  They may want to check you into a rehab center but, at least they’ll know you love them.

Take a ride in the car, windows rolled down, head stuck out and enjoy the breeze on your face. Nevermind those who pass you buy with odd stares.

If no one wants to drive you, go get the car keys and drop them into their hand.  Eventually, you’ll train them into knowing what you want without having to say a word.

Yell hello to everyone who walks by while you’re on your front lawn and tell off the ones you don’t like.  It’s your yard and you’re letting everyone know that you’re there.

Run right in and jump through the water on a hot summer’s day, rolling in the warm sand afterwards.  There’s always the bath when you get home.

Snuggle up with a loved one and keep them company on the couch.  They’re not as small as they look.  There’s always more room even when you think there isn’t.

Chase other people and have them chase you.  Remember how much fun that was when you were a kid?  Others may join in too.  You can pop an aspirin or Advil if the arthritis acts up later.

Find ways to get people’s affection and give it back in return.  Hug people and let them hug you.  Ok, so the supermarket clerk may think it a bit strange but, she may not be used to that kind of attention.   Give it time.  Either she’ll end up loving it or, asking security to escort you out for misbehaving.

Never give up on your dreams.  If they’re buried…keep digging.  You may not find the answers but, you’ll get a lot of exercise.

Just be yourself.  It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad hair day.  Just enjoy being alive and your day.

When someone else is having a bad day, just be with them, silently letting them know you’re there.  They may tell you to go somewhere else but, they’ll appreciate that you were there for them eventually.

Live life like a dog.  They’re pretty amazing at learning how to live.  We can learn from them.














Game, Set, Match For Jenna Talackova, Gloria Allred & Donald Trump

The gauntlet was thrown down when transgendered hopeful Miss Universe contestant, Jenna Talackova and her U.S. attorney, Gloria Allred took center stage at a press conference yesterday, taking the pagent’s sponsor and owner, Donald Trump to task in answering the question of whether Talackova would be permitted to participate in the Miss Universe pagent after she had been disqualified from the pagent for being transgendered.

Trump has responded that she could participate but, added that she could do so, “As long as she meets the standards of legal gender recognition requirements of Canada.”  Trump’s special counsel Michael Cohen stated on Trump’s behalf.

“Nobody is capitulating. Rather the Miss Universe organization is respecting the laws of Canada. Like all the other contestants, is wished the best of luck by Mr. Trump.”

Cohen then went on to add a qualifier on Trump’s behalf which added insult to injury.

“Assuming she wins, she would be the representative of that country (Canada)” in the larger Miss Universe Pageant Cohen added.

Allred was neither impressed nor, satified with Trump’s rather contrite and non-commital answer and responded to Trump’s answer in return.

“…Trump has caved in a bit already. He has to go the rest of the way and say it loudly, and say it clearly, that not only will Jenna be allowed to compete, but that the rule is gone — no ifs, ands, buts or ors. No conditions and no excuses. Otherwise, we are considering all of Jenna’s legal options,” she stated.

Officials from the Miss Universe Pagent have yet to clarify what those qualifications were that would need to be met by Canada or internationally nor, has Canada fully defined them but, Talackova’s birth certificate, passport and driver’s license all list her as a female.  That would likely indicate that Canada already considers her a female and therefore, would appear to be an answer in its own right.

Also in question, according to Trump’s original set of conditions for Talackova’s entry into the pagent, are what the international pagent rules are and what she would have to meet under those rules.

Trump’s response seems to have been a rather hollow and transparent attempt to skirt having to give a definitive yes or no answer and appears to be leaving himself some wiggle room with a hopeful escape hatch were other countries to be the potential bad guy in protesting Talackova’s entry.

While Trump may consider the matter off of his shoulders with that type of answer, it’s doubtful that the public will let him escape the scrutiny that is building momentum on this situation quite that easily.  The Miss Universe Pagent is, afterall, his gig.  He owns it and that means the rules are his to make or break if he wanted to do so, placing the decision and owness squarely, right back into his lap.

Trump’s weasle-like answer seems to wreak of the usual smug and immature antics that he’s so used to handing out to the world openly and publicly.  It appears that The Don may be trying to defer having his rear kicked by placing the owness onto someone else’s shoulders to potentially pull the plug on Talackova’s participation.

Perhaps, the most telltale sign that he is attempting this type of pass-the-buck type of strategy came to light in Trump’s qualifier when he added that “Should Talackova enter and win, she’d be representing that country,” meaning Canada.  An ominous statement, fraught with the insinuation that it would somehow be a disgrace to Canadians to have Talackova as the country’s entrant into an international contest.

I highly doubt that many Canadians would even bat an eyelash one way or another.  Most people in the world don’t even know that the contest still exists, let alone worrying about who represented Canada in the pagent.  It would likely rally people to pull for what some would consider to be The Underdog in this rather meaningless contest.

Meanwhile, Gloria Allred was true to her usual bulldog form when she tossed the glove into the arena for Trump to pick up with her public statement to the media at the scrum, “(Ms. Talackova) did not ask Mr. Trump to prove that he is a naturally born man or … to see his anatomy to prove that he was male.”

Trump was quick to bite and pick that glove up when he retorted to Allred’s statement via phone to TMZ with, “I think Gloria would be very, very, impressed with me. I really do,” and added something along the lines that he’d provide the photos if he was paid enough money for it.

Undoubtedly, Allred will have a response for Mr. Trump that will throw another glove into the ring for the aging self-loving, rich child-man to pick up.

Stay tuned.  This could be a long match.

Pass the popcorn please.  No butter.  There’s enough grease already.

Donald Trump Vs. Transgendered Jenna Talackova

Jenna Talackova has now had word from Mr. Donald Trump, supporter of the Miss Universe Pagent, that she can compete in the contest, if she meets the gender rules according to the Miss Canada rules as well as those of “other pagents”.

 Photo by: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

Talackova, flanked by her California based attorney, Gloria Allred, famous for her involvement in many high profiled cases, asked for clarification from Mr. Trump “in plain words whether or not I will be allowed to compete.”

Trump and his Miss Universe team seem to have skirted the issue of whether Talackova would or would not be allowed to participate by deferring actually making the decision with a pass-the-buck type of response.

According to The Miss Universe Pagent website, it only states that a participant must be a female but, doesn’t specify anything related to those who are transgendered.  It is highly likely that the Miss Canada pagent rules might be equally vague and does not the entire transgendered issue into account either.  However, the fine print may have stated something not listed upon the pagents’ websites.

Even Talackova’s Canadian retained lawyer, Joseph Arvay, was uncertain as to what this latest statement from Trump meant.

“It’s gobbledygook to me,” Arvay stated.

Gobbledygook seems to be a fully appropriate term for the answer that has been shuffled out of Trump Headquarters.  Either she is, or she isn’t going to be permitted to participate.  Just say it, Donald.  If your ruling is “no” then say it outright and, let the legal battles commence.

Both Talackova’s driver’s license and passport list her as female.  If the governments are willing to say she’s female, who is Donald Trump or any other beauty pagent officials to deem her otherwise?

I see the issues that Talackova’s case could raise.  How much transgendering needs to be done before one can be considered a fully fledged female?  Does taking hormones and having breast implants make one enough of a female to participate?  Is it measured by estrogen levels coursing through one’s veins?  or, does one have to be fully neutered as well?  Will every participant need a full physical examination in order to determine how much female and how much male remains and an acceptable level met?  Where are the lines to be drawn between who is transgendered and who is not?  These are all questions that could be raised in the future of an already much antiquated set of pagents.

Perhaps, Trump is afraid of the controversy that has arisen with this issue of transgendered participants because the pagent is already on slippery slopes, heading for extinction and this issue could be the one that pushes them right over the edge?  With so much Gay Bashing going on in the world and so much division going on over the issue of Gay Rights, this might be what Mr. Trump fears would signal the end of the Ms. Universe pagent were those against them, to get involved.  There’s a fine line between transgender and Gay issues for some homophobes and in a country where it’s a touchy subject with personal opinions and religions, it could spell disaster for the contest.

I cannot imagine that other participants would be intimidated by Ms. Talackova’s birth gender anymore than they would worry about any other participant.  To them, she is likely, simply another pretty face, body and brain to have to compete against.

The true basis behind Trump’s non-decisive answer, may simply be fear.  Fear of controversy over the issue and, fear of the pagent collapsing altogether in the not too distant future as it should have done years ago.

Gloria Allred, Talackova’s U.S. attorney, stated during today’s press conference, “Ms. Talackova did not ask Mr. Trump to prove that he is a naturally born man or … to see his anatomy to prove that he was male.”

While not always a fan of Ms. Allred myself, I thought that to be a ballsy statement for her to have made.  Not many, other than Rosie O’Donnell, the talk-show host who lost her place on a daily talk show because of her public comments and opinions of Trump, would have had the nerve to have uttered such a statement.  My hat is off to her for it.

Then again, knowing something about Allred from past press conferences and talk show appearances for other high profiled cases, there’s little that Allred won’t do to get her mug on the tv screen.   She is famous for stirring up hornet’s nests with bold statements in order to garner media attention.  There is little doubt that  she tends to thrive on fame, no matter how she has to get it and, she certainly may have thrown down a gauntlet for Mr. Trump to pick up in coming days.  Only time will tell but, I’m sure Allred will be ready, willing and able to handle the spotlight that this case and her statements could bring to her.  Equally, there’s no doubt that Trump will have no problem with any of it either, as he’s proven time and time again with many other gutsy, mouthy and bold women.

Trump seems to have a love-hate relationship with women.  He seems to love women who are pretty, dumb appearing and quiet but, appears to dislike women who are bold, have a brain and aren’t afraid to use them.

No matter which way this turns out for Talackova, it has now opened the doors for other transgendered women to take up legal cases against not only Trump and his Miss Universe pagent but, also any others that have similar stances.

It all seems to be marking the end of these dinosaurs that have been degrading to women for decades now.  It’s about time.

Has Anyone Seen Madonna?

Madonna On MDNA Tour


Ok, she’s still got it.  She’s pretty, slim, fit with a body to die for and all the moves for males to still lust over but, will someone please fill Madge in on the fact that she’s 53 years old and menopausal?  I’m not sure that she’s getting or embracing that idea given the raciness of her latest album, MDNA nor, from the sight of her video pelvic grinds, pole dancer’s squats and suggestive moves more fitting of a porn queen than a pop music queen.

What does the MDNA acronym actually stand for anyway?  Does anyone really know for sure?  Madonna, herself doesn’t seem to be saying.  At least, not with any certainty. Yes, she’s giving out different possibilities, like Madonna without the vowels, Madonna DNA and other ridiculously obvious sly answers which all tend to raise both eyebrows as well as the question of whether Madonna has “seen Molly” one too many times, herself?

It’s old news by now but, for those of us who aren’t exactly Madonna worshippers and therefore, have bypassed her latest stunt on stage, good ole Madge (who still refers to herself as a “girl”) yelled out to her much younger dance music fan audience, asking  “How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?”   For those who don’t know this either, Molly is used as a drug slang for MDMA, the drug, Ectasy which is widely used by the fan crowd that Madonna is catering to with her dance music craze of late.

What’s sad is that Madge’s own daughter, Lourdes, has to watch her famous menopausal mom, grind, bump and have fake sex with walls and floors.  At 15 years of age, this can’t be easy for her to deal with especially, when hormone raged teenaged males of the same age, make mention of wanting to meet her mother.  How does a kid live up to her mother’s raunchy and almost teenage-like antics except to become a real-life version of her menopausal erotica styled mother?

Madonna's Daughter, Lourdes
Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, caught smoking by photographers, following her mother's bad habits.

Already looking much older than her 15 years of age, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Madonna finds herself having to bail her daughter out of a few messes in coming years.  Who could blame the girl?  While her mother is on stage, teasing teenaged and twenty-something year old boys with sexual gestures and, becoming younger female fans’ idol, Lourdes will most likely find herself having to gain a reputation of her own in order not to blend into the woodwork behind the material girl’s rep.

Madonna has stated during an interview on Sirius Radio, that she plans to take Lourdes on her summer tour saying,  “I have to keep my eye on her.”

Ya think, Madge?  How about acting like a mom first?  That often goes a long way in lending some validity to the words of wisdom you’ll likely want to impart upon your 15 year old-going on 25, daughter.  When you’re acting as though you’re five years older than her, you’re not likely to get too far with your control over her and her future.  Otherwise, it’s more a case of, do what I say, not what I do, type of scenario.  That’s not especially well accepted by most teens under the best of circumstances.

Maybe, Lourdes is used to her mother’s antics and knows it’s all a schtik?  Perhaps, Lourdes has been well coached on how to deal with the pressure of living up to her mother’s fame and how she got it and maintains it?  Somehow though, I doubt that the pressure that comes with her famous mother’s antics and slutty status role will be an easy one to remain in the shadows.  Pressure will likely see her fall victim to what so many famous celeb’s children do, trouble.

Meanwhile, we all will have to wonder if Madonna will remain the Girl Gone Wild as she rides the waves towards senior citizendom.

Wake up, Madge.  You’re menopausal with a young, impressionable daughter.

By the way, I’m now thinking that MDNA may stand for, Madonna Desperately Needs Attention.

Just a thought.




Who Cares How Much Weight Jessica Simpson Has Put On?

So, Jessica Simpson is pregnant and has put on weight.  Do we really care?

The singer claims she has put on 40 lbs during her near term pregnancy and apparently, that’s become headline Entertainment news with the critics claiming that it’s more than forty pounds, more like 60 or perhaps, even seventy pounds.  They’ve even gone to the point of comparing other star’s pregnancy photos and weight gains.



This photo of a very pregnant Simpson was taken while being a bridesmaid for friend, Lauren Zelman this past weekend.

As if it wasn’t enough that the poor woman had to hold up her dress and walk carefully because she couldn’t see her feet, paparazzi snapped photos of her awkward walk down the aisle in what fashion critics might also call, a horrendous dress.  Ok, so admitedly, it looks like a nightgown one could buy at Walmart but, all the same, it’s embarrassing enough being so near due date pregnant and not being able to see your own shoes.  Oooppss…did she have them on?  Could she get a pair on?  Media didn’t report on that point so, I guess we won’t know.  We also might not know what underwear she was wearing that day either.  Was she wearing any?  Was it a thong or maternity panties?

I don’t know about you but, my day has been ruined now.  These are the things that I truly need to know in order to function in my day.

But, then again, a la Demi Moore style, Simpson wasn’t shy in getting paid to do a nude pregnancy shot for Elle magazine that created quite a controversy in parts of the U.S. where prudish people were outraged at the mag’s cover being on display at check-out counters, calling it “too risque for family shopping”.



 I can kind of see shopper’s point in their complaints.  There’s nothing more un-appealing than putting your lettuce, melons and bread onto a conveyor belt beneath pictures of a nude and pregnant woman to turn off your appetite, let alone corrupt the little ones’ minds as they point and ask, “what’s that lady doing mommy?”  I suppose that could make for a bit of a challenging dinner conversation if the kids don’t forget what they saw and you didn’t think to pry them with goodies from the candy shelves that always line the shelves below the mag sections at the check-outs.  Besides that though, I really needed to know what Jessica looks like, nude while pregnant.  I guess she figured we all did too.

But, don’t fear yet because Simpson has vowed to get down to her pre-pregnancy body again.  She has said that she’s just enjoyed eating whatever she wanted throughout the pregnancy and not have to exercise.  Who can blame the woman?  She’s finally got an excuse to eat and not run herself ragged at a gym like most celebs do.  If I were her, I’d be eating up a storm too and worrying about the post pregnancy weight, post pregnancy.  I’m sure she can afford a personal trainer and a cook to prepare proper, weight-loss menus for her.  If only the rest of us could afford that, I’d eat like a pig too.

So stay tuned for the details of J.S.’s labour and delivery, complete with photos of the baby.  Then, we can all hear the daily details of Jessica’s daily work-out and diet plan.  My world won’t be complete without all of these details.


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