Shut Up! You’re The Scourge of The Earth: Estrangement False Beliefs For Parents

Are you choosing to remain a victim of your adult child’s or children’s choice to estrange themselves from you? What you can do about it.

How Smug Feelings Can Lead To Regrets When Estranged

If you’ve chosen to estrange yourself from your parents, family or friends, remember that one day, there may be regrets. You cannot turn back the hands of time and re-do things.

Why Adult Child Estrangement Is Learned, Taught Or A Punishment

I really don’t like to categorize everyone because people are different. Circumstances are different but, in the case of an adult estranging from their parents, short of true abuse (physical, mental or emotional) there are few reasons for anyone to find the need to distance themselves from someone else. Yes, I know that it’s consideredContinue reading “Why Adult Child Estrangement Is Learned, Taught Or A Punishment”

Adult Child Estrangement: Drugs And Rock

Not that this is the case for everyone who has an estranged adult child but, it happens to be a point with my own daughter’s estrangement.  She’s made it abundantly clear that she wants drugs and rock concerts though she’s nearly 36 years of age and should have been finished with this phase of herContinue reading “Adult Child Estrangement: Drugs And Rock”

HELP!: My Adult Child Has Estranged From Me and Is Living Like A Teenager

At a certain point in everyone’s lives, it’s time to grow up and be an adult.  One can be a responsible adult or one who lives their lives as though still in teenaged years, without responsibility towards anyone else other than themselves as the key point in their lives.  Living like that however, allows othersContinue reading “HELP!: My Adult Child Has Estranged From Me and Is Living Like A Teenager”

Facing Surgery Without Seeing My Estranged Adult Child

So…I’ve been through the proverbial mill with health issues that have been plaguing me for nearly a decade.  I’ve both tried and gone through every test, procedure and being put under anesthesia a couple of times now, to no avail.  The problem keeps reoccurring. Final decision is a final surgery in which an organ willContinue reading “Facing Surgery Without Seeing My Estranged Adult Child”

Estranged Adult Children Taking Things With Them?

AUDIO VERSION:  (Transcript below for those who prefer to read instead) I remember the day that I decided to run away from home.  I must have been about 4 or 5 years old or so. My little doll suitcase (meant for doll clothing) was packed with a couple of pairs of socks, under panties andContinue reading “Estranged Adult Children Taking Things With Them?”

My Only Adult Child Is Estranged But Doesn’t Owe Me Anything

AUDIO VERSION: (Transcript below for those who prefer to read though it may differ ever so slightly from the audio version.  If viewing from the Home Page, please click on the title or “read more” and then on the audio player to start it). PLEASE NOTE:  This piece does NOT include or infer any FINANCIAL transactionsContinue reading “My Only Adult Child Is Estranged But Doesn’t Owe Me Anything”

Part I: Are You Enabling Your Estranged Abusive Adult Child

  AUDIO VERSION: ( Click on Title to Listen.  Transcript unavailable as this was more of an audio piece, meant for listening than reading and with my own personal input.)