Don’t Judge Others

There are a lot of theories that run throughout the literature and videos on why it is that adult children seem more willing to judge their parents than ever but, one thing sticks out more than anything else. That is that adult children who have estranged themselves aren’t willing to look within themselves in orderContinue reading “Don’t Judge Others”

Adult Child Estrangements: Why You May Be The “Old Teddy Bear”

This is Part II to a series that I’m doing on YouTube concerning Adult Estranged Children and theories.  You be the judge for your own circumstances though. Watch this on YouTube! Some of you have already subscribed to my channel and learned a lot.  Check out my other videos while there if you haven’t already.Continue reading “Adult Child Estrangements: Why You May Be The “Old Teddy Bear””

Estrangement, Entitlement and Enabling

If you’re the parent of an estranged adult child or you are an adult child, thinking of disposing of your parents….watch this video, please. Disclaimer:  I am NOT a professional so, decide for yourself.    

It’s My Fault In A Sense: Tips For Parenting

A commenter has written on another piece that I couldn’t have raised my daughter with any type of self-love or acceptance otherwise, she wouldn’t be taking on the man-child’s thinking patterns that she’s living with while estranging herself from me and her father as well as all of her family and former friends.  I hadContinue reading “It’s My Fault In A Sense: Tips For Parenting”