What Makes Us Follow Celebrities?

A lot of us tend to want to follow celebrities, where they are, what they’re doing, what they look like now and in general, we tend to follow their lives. In short, we can often come to think of them as friends or ours, idols and even up to the rankings of “gods” in someContinue reading “What Makes Us Follow Celebrities?”

Was Celine Dion Showcased At Husband, Rene Angelil’s Funeral?

It was a funeral fit for a king, a high ranking politician or royalty.  A widow, clad completely in black from head to toe, hair pulled back tightly into a mourning style bun, face covered with a mourning veil and an entrance into the cathedral for a funeral mass that would be talked about forContinue reading “Was Celine Dion Showcased At Husband, Rene Angelil’s Funeral?”

Simon Cowell Eyes A Possible Canadian X Factor Next

Canada may have talent but, the Canadian Television Networks don’t seem to be able to air it or keep it.  City TV’s latest talent contest, “Canada’s Got Talent” has been axed already after its one and only season this year. Canadian Idol didn’t make it either as CTV put it on the chopping block after 6 seasons,Continue reading “Simon Cowell Eyes A Possible Canadian X Factor Next”

Robin Gibb, Former Bee Gee Loses His Battle

And then, there was one. Robin Gibb, has sadly lost his battle with cancer and the complications related to it and its treatment Saturday May 20, 2012 at the age of 62.  His family has released only this statement. “Robin passed away today following his long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery.” As the tributes pour in andContinue reading “Robin Gibb, Former Bee Gee Loses His Battle”