You Aren’t Invincible

Every time I see it happening, I have to shake my head in anger and total disbelief. People ignoring the healthcare admonishments on Covid-19, uncaringly. This is NOT "Social Distancing". It's all over the news and in articles on how to do it. Stop the getting together. It's dangerous right now. Practise proper Social Distancing!... Continue Reading →

Those Who Knew About Covid-19 And Travelled Anyway Are Selfish

Psssttttt...hey you...yeah, you!  The one who is cavalier about Covid-19, out there travelling, amongst groups of people doing the same thing, thinking that you're going to somehow get home again, self-isolation be damned when you get back and while away.  You're one of the ones who is spreading this virus all over the place and... Continue Reading →

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