Minds Can’t Be Changed No Matter What

There’s a lot going on in this world today that we’re all either mad, depressed or upset at. It’s natural and normal to be in a not-so-great mental status. However, if you’re wondering if you have any worth in being here (ie: suicide or self-harm), not only do you and anyone else who feels thatContinue reading “Minds Can’t Be Changed No Matter What”

What Do Parents Do When Estranged From

It’s not that I have all good days and am completely over it but, estrangement is much like a punishment to parents by their offspring. I’ve spent my fair time in grieving over a lost child-turned adult. She’s clearly allowing herself to espouse the unnatural and unhealthy thinking that has infected so many people outContinue reading “What Do Parents Do When Estranged From”

Estrangement Reasons: Are You Giving Your Kids Too Much

If mothers didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be any one of us on this planet. Did anyone get that point? If fathers didn’t exist, there could be as many women in the world as one wanted but, without sperm there would be no human life. How grateful is one for the idea that all mothers aren’tContinue reading “Estrangement Reasons: Are You Giving Your Kids Too Much”

I Wanna Be A Rock Star But…

I don’t sing, play an instrument and I don’t have any ambition to learn but, I wanna be a Rock Star.

Adult Child Estrangement: Drugs And Rock

Not that this is the case for everyone who has an estranged adult child but, it happens to be a point with my own daughter’s estrangement.  She’s made it abundantly clear that she wants drugs and rock concerts though she’s nearly 36 years of age and should have been finished with this phase of herContinue reading “Adult Child Estrangement: Drugs And Rock”

Making Poor Choices For Too Long Makes You Appear Stupid

My home was always a revolving door for the neighbourhood children.  One was coming as one was leaving until I couldn’t keep my eyes open for one more second in a day.  My grocery shopping bill every week, reminded me of a cafeteria for children with juices, treats and wholesome foods that I’d feed everyContinue reading “Making Poor Choices For Too Long Makes You Appear Stupid”

Toronto Eaton Centre Becomes A Shooting Range

Someone just walked into Toronto’s busiest mall, The Eaton’s Centre and hailed a round of bullets, killing one man and injuring many. There aren’t many details at the moment.  Police are still investigating and, it appears that police don’t have the shooter in custody at the time of writing this entry.  He’s still out thereContinue reading “Toronto Eaton Centre Becomes A Shooting Range”

Has Anyone Seen Madonna?

http://arts.nationalpost.com/2012/03/26/deadmau5-lashes-out-against-madonna-over-drug-reference/ Ok, she’s still got it.  She’s pretty, slim, fit with a body to die for and all the moves for males to still lust over but, will someone please fill Madge in on the fact that she’s 53 years old and menopausal?  I’m not sure that she’s getting or embracing that idea given the raciness of her latest album, MDNA nor, fromContinue reading “Has Anyone Seen Madonna?”

Bobbi Kristina Needing Rehab?

It’s so sad that Houston’s daughter has had to face the loss of her famous mother.  Equally sad, is the loss that Houston’s mother has had to face in losing her daughter to a likely, drug related death.  But, now…in spite of her efforts to save her daughter’s life and losing that battle, she nowContinue reading “Bobbi Kristina Needing Rehab?”