You’re Likely Not A 3 Dimensional Person

AUDIO VERSION:     No one wants to go spilling all of their troubles out in a public forum.  Even I don’t want to do that but, what exactly are social media platforms for?  Only the good times, the happy events and photos of smiling people on trips somewhere? This is what I don’t getContinue reading “You’re Likely Not A 3 Dimensional Person”

Why Is There So Much CRAP On YouTube And Facebook

If anyone has ever taken the time to watch any videos on YouTube…I mean…actually subscribed to someone’s channel and watched them quite a bit, one will come to notice that not only are they rambling on to ramble on but, their videos eventually become complete nonsensical and leave us with no wish to watch anythingContinue reading “Why Is There So Much CRAP On YouTube And Facebook”

Why Facebook Is The Great Illusionist

Unless we have regular contact with people outside of Facebook, we don’t really know our Facebook friends. Did that sound rather harsh and, you’re disagreeing with me right now saying, “I do know my Facebook friends!” Let me say this in a different way. If we aren’t regularly talking to, seeing or meeting with ourContinue reading “Why Facebook Is The Great Illusionist”

Stay Away From Facebook If You’re Looking For Reality

If you can’t afford a trip to Disney World and don’t like going to church, take a romp through Facebook where everything is a joke, un-real fantasy seeming or, like going to church with prayers.  The place where nothing is real and everyone’s lives seem like they’re living in one huge either grateful or wonderfulContinue reading “Stay Away From Facebook If You’re Looking For Reality”

Facebook, The Social Evil?

Has Facebook become The Social Evil Network? Facebook may have taken us down new paths towards finding other ways to upset one another.  As if Life isn’t fraught enough with misunderstandings, we now have cyber ways to create even bigger slights and more methods to upset one another. I don’t know about you but, I’ve beenContinue reading “Facebook, The Social Evil?”