How Long Can A YouTuber Support Themselves By Videos On Weight Loss

AUDIO VERSION: (Transcript below for those who prefer to read but will differ slightly from the audio version.)       When you make your entire life and being all about your weight, losing it, gaining it, regaining it and dwelling on it forever, you’re essentially telling the world that you are nothing but yourContinue reading “How Long Can A YouTuber Support Themselves By Videos On Weight Loss”

How To Lose Body Weight Not Wallet Weight

If you eat this way, you’ll lose weight. Try our programme and see how quickly the pounds will melt off.  (Jenny Craig, Nutri-System, Weight Watchers and the list goes on and on) Become Vegan. It’s dairy and animal products that put on your pounds and, you’ll be saving animals and the planet while you’re atContinue reading “How To Lose Body Weight Not Wallet Weight”

Lose Weight While Eating Dessert

  I’m not a doctor nor, a weight loss guru who has all of the answers but, there are simple things that make a difference and having dessert is one of them.  As are planned snacks. Let me take you back with me to my grandparents.  None of them were farmers with heavy loads ofContinue reading “Lose Weight While Eating Dessert”