Did “Baby” Houseman And Johnny Castle Stay Together After Kellermans

This was a movie. It wasn’t real. It wasn’t even shot in the same space but, rather 2 resorts in the Fall in order to resemble the Catskill Mountains. The lake has long since dried up and Patrick Swayze has been dead for years now. His wife in real life has re-married and the ranchContinue reading “Did “Baby” Houseman And Johnny Castle Stay Together After Kellermans”

Dirty Dancing: Did “Baby” and Johnny Stay Together?

There are few movies that I absolutely adore but, if I had to name one, I’d have to say that “Dirty Dancing”, 1987 with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey has to be my all time favourite.  Having watched the movie several dozen times, I know the lines before they are said and often quote themContinue reading “Dirty Dancing: Did “Baby” and Johnny Stay Together?”