Justin Bieber Needs A Good Old Fashioned Spanking As A New Charge Is Placed On His Record

Twenty year old, Justin Bieber just can't seem to stay out of trouble.  He's been at it again this past weekend and now has 2 more charges, assault and dangerous driving.  These latest charges came about as The Beebs was out on an ATV on Friday afternoon, reportedly with on and off again girlfriend, Selena... Continue Reading →

Simon Cowell Eyes A Possible Canadian X Factor Next

Canada may have talent but, the Canadian Television Networks don't seem to be able to air it or keep it.  City TV's latest talent contest, "Canada's Got Talent" has been axed already after its one and only season this year. Canadian Idol didn't make it either as CTV put it on the chopping block after 6 seasons,... Continue Reading →

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