Are Politicians Full of Hot Air?

I’m angry and I’m not going to shut up about it now. A scathing report was publicly released today from the AG (Auditor General) and her office yet she was quickly shot down as was her report by Premier Doug Ford and his political cronies. Part of it was based upon Ontario’s SLOW response toContinue reading “Are Politicians Full of Hot Air?”

Covid Fatigue Doesn’t Give Free Licence To Anyone

No one wants to read even MORE about Covid-19 and yet, the numbers are going up or have gone up already. So, this piece will be short. Is the world doing all that everyone can do or are we headed for another “lockdown”? Those under 60 who don’t follow protocols and have parties or goContinue reading “Covid Fatigue Doesn’t Give Free Licence To Anyone”

Is It Fit Or Just Wearing A Face Mask That Helps Prevent Covid-19 Transmission

I was watching a news program the other day that had nothing to do with face masks or their wearing. One thing hit me about this situation. Asians had been wearing face masks for as long as I could remember for smog and colds and even as politeness or fashion statements. Yet, Covid-19 had hitContinue reading “Is It Fit Or Just Wearing A Face Mask That Helps Prevent Covid-19 Transmission”