MH17 Tragedy Needs Action From The World As A Whole

There are no words to express the shock and horror of the loss of 298 people's lives in a plane crash, let alone one that was most likely caused by fighting over land that had nothing to do with those 298 innocent people who were simply passengers on Malaysian flight MH17 this week, flying to... Continue Reading →

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Believes Missing Flight MH370 Is Hidden And Been Stripped

Former Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad believes that the CIA, USA and Boeing, all know what happened to missing Malaysian Flight MH370 but, are "hiding" that information. In his blog, Mahathir states that ‘The plane is somewhere,’ he said. ‘Someone is hiding something. It is not fair that MAS and Malaysia should take blame," and... Continue Reading →

Inmarsat Had Already Handed Over Data On Missing Flight MH370 To Malaysia

British satellite company Inmarsat, famous for its ping data on missing Malaysian Flight MH370, says that it has handed over the raw data to Malaysia.  Malaysia denies it.  Is someone lying? In a statement to CNN today, just hours after Malaysian Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein had denied that they had the famous Inmarsat raw data on missing Flight... Continue Reading →

Is Criticism of CNN’s Coverage of Missing Malaysian Flight MH370 Justified?

It's been nearly four weeks now since Malaysian Flight MH370 has seemingly disappeared without a trace. Anxious family members of the missing 239 passengers, including the pilot, co-pilot and crew, are riddled with questions and awaiting answers to the questions of whether they are truly dead or whether they are still alive somewhere. In a... Continue Reading →

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