Why Positive Thinking Is Not A Miracle Worker Even With Estrangement

By now, much of the television old world, already knows that actress, Valerie Harper of "Mary Tyler Moore" and it's spin-off series, "Rhoda" fame has lost her battle with cancer and has died at the age of 80 years of age. It's taken me a week or more to write about her passing because it... Continue Reading →

Have We Been Duped By Some Of The Famous Spiritual Gurus?

Have you walked down the aisles of any Self-Help Section of a bookstore lately to notice the composition of the books being put onto shelves nowadays are mainly spiritual in nature, being written not by psychologists but, rather spiritualists, gurus, shamans and yes, even Oprah, the self-made LifeClass guru.   With so many books like The Secret,... Continue Reading →

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