What A Revolution Doesn’t Need Or Mean

A “revolution” doesn’t mean that there’s a physical march, protest or anything that we can think of that used to be a method. It can mean that people from all over the world, get the word out to one another as well as to professionals of all sorts, not simply medical health professionals. Society needsContinue reading “What A Revolution Doesn’t Need Or Mean”

Make Your Child Fear You A Bit

AUDIO VERSION: (Transcript below for those who prefer to read)          I wrote awhile ago that parents shouldn’t be rewarding adult children for treating their parents poorly.  In THIS PIECE, I said, “Far be it from me to tell parents to not tell their children that they are loved and wanted.  EveryContinue reading “Make Your Child Fear You A Bit”

Why Did My Adult Child Estrange Themselves

AUDIO VERSION: (Transcript below for those who prefer to read)      “You are the adult, the parent and it’s up to you to keep the lines of communication going with your adult child by reaching out to them, telling them that you love them and keep on doing it even if you don’t getContinue reading “Why Did My Adult Child Estrange Themselves”