Estranged Adults Don’t Hold The Holy Grail To Parenting

A lot of parents of estranged adults tend to be caught up in the idea that they also lose out on any grandchildren if there are any and they know of them.  Reality says that when adult children make a decision to estrange themselves, without having been beaten mentally, emotionally or physically, they have alsoContinue reading “Estranged Adults Don’t Hold The Holy Grail To Parenting”

Snakes Bite No Matter What You Do!

Parable: There was a woman who found a snake by the side of the road, half dead. Not being able to pass by something alive and allow it to die, she picked the snake up, took it home and nursed it lovingly back to health. One day while gardening, the woman had carried the snakeContinue reading “Snakes Bite No Matter What You Do!”

How To Know If You Need New Friends

Are you feeling that something’s not right in your friendship? Feeling down about no one calling you back? Getting a gut wrenching feeling that you’ve been used? How to know if you need new friends.  Friends are people who should compliment our lives.  They add something to it and make us feel good about whoContinue reading “How To Know If You Need New Friends”