What Broke Tom Cruise’s Marriages?

What went wrong in Tom Cruise’s three marriages?  Was it Cruise’s devotion to his Church of Scientology religion or was it his ever-increasing fame? It seems that Tom likes his wives to be in their 20’s when he marries them and, all three marriages ended when his wives were 33 years of age.  Perhaps, it’s a statement that Tom doesn’t see himself asContinue reading “What Broke Tom Cruise’s Marriages?”

Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Sign Divorce Settlement Quickly

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have signed a divorce settlement on Monday July 9, 2012 less than 2 weeks after Holmes had filed the papers for divorce from Cruise.  However, the details of that agreement will be kept confidential said one of the couple’s lawyers. Keeping the details of their agreement private was a smartContinue reading “Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Sign Divorce Settlement Quickly”

Keep Your Eye On Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes

  Tom Cruise has been far too quiet thus far in the aftermath of wife, Katie Holmes having filed for divorce from him and reportedly, seeking sole custody of their 6-year-old daughter, Suri.  Something is telling me that it’s not a good sign and that Cruise has cards up his sleeve that he’s not playing yet. Cruise hasContinue reading “Keep Your Eye On Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes”

Scientology And Control Behind Katie Holmes Divorce Filing

  It would normally be sad to hear that a man had to spend his milestone 50th birthday without his wife and child to celebrate with but, in Tom Cruise’s case, I simply can’t muster up the tissue power. Cruise, himself has chosen a lifestyle and religion that has created the rift in his own marriage and potentially, in his relationship with his daughter. Continue reading “Scientology And Control Behind Katie Holmes Divorce Filing”