Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star Style Collab Marketing A Scheme

Who couldn't use yet another eyeshadow palette. already have 10 of them or more? The colours are all similar with differing names? There's shimmer, matte and in between? Hold the horses here. Do you mean to tell everyone that you didn't wait until YouTuber, Shane Dawson and his buddy, Jeffree Star released their cloned... Continue Reading →

YouTuber/Docuseries Maker Shane Dawson May Be Working For Chuck E Cheese

Is Shane Dawson in bed with Chuck E Cheese with his latest series YouTuber, Shane Dawson has started both a revolt and a controversy over children's fun-house chain, Chuck E Cheese where the video maker has hypothesized that Chuck E. Cheese's pizzas are possibly Franken-pizzas with unfinished pizza pieces being taken to the back by... Continue Reading →

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