American Idol Reboot Already A Flop?

People have auditioned already.  They lined up in groves and they’re nearly done this round of the rebooted competition. “Houston….we have a problem!” That should be the re-start’s anthem line. Filming with the judges, should have happened at the end of September yet, they’re still no closer to finding judges than they were months ago.Continue reading “American Idol Reboot Already A Flop?”

Simon Cowell Doesn’t Hate Adele

A lot of people seem to search this blog for entries that explain why Simon Cowell “hates Adele”.  Let me set the record straight.  Cowell does not hate Adele.  As a matter of fact, Cowell seems to have an adoration for the singer-song-writer gone to the top and is thinking on potentially courting her asContinue reading “Simon Cowell Doesn’t Hate Adele”

X Factor 2012 Has New Hosts and Real Issues

  Simon Cowell’s X Factor USA has been riding a bumpy road in its second season.  What can go wrong, seemingly does. Auditions were fraught with small but, significant issues like horrendous storms that saw already nerve-wracked contestants having to perform over claps of thunder, roof leaks and judges who concentrated more on the drippingContinue reading “X Factor 2012 Has New Hosts and Real Issues”

America’s Got Talent Show Judge’s Problems: Sharon Osbourne Quits

    It appears that America’s got problems with talent show judges across the board when yet another talent show judge, Sharon Osbourne announced in July 2012 that she was leaving her judge’s seat. Osbourne tweeted that she was leaving her judge’s chair on NBC’s reality talent show, “America’s Got Talent” and tweeted fellow judge, Howard Stern, onContinue reading “America’s Got Talent Show Judge’s Problems: Sharon Osbourne Quits”

Steven Tyler Quits As American Idol Judge Jennifer Lopez Likely To Follow

It’s official.  There’s no more wondering about Steven Tyler’s position as a judge on American Idol for the show’s 12th season.  Tyler has dumped that gig.   After doing a two season stint as a judge on America’s once most watched show, American Idol, Steven Tyler announced on Thursday that he’s abdicating his judge’s high-payingContinue reading “Steven Tyler Quits As American Idol Judge Jennifer Lopez Likely To Follow”

Simon Cowell Eyes A Possible Canadian X Factor Next

Canada may have talent but, the Canadian Television Networks don’t seem to be able to air it or keep it.  City TV’s latest talent contest, “Canada’s Got Talent” has been axed already after its one and only season this year. Canadian Idol didn’t make it either as CTV put it on the chopping block after 6 seasons,Continue reading “Simon Cowell Eyes A Possible Canadian X Factor Next”

American Idol Judges Up In The Air Again For 2013 Season

Anyone whose been an American Idol fan can likely attest to the fact that while the talent has been growing, the ratings have been falling and the judges seem to be changing faster than we can get used to them. Randy Jackson seems to be showing no signs of quitting the show for the 2013Continue reading “American Idol Judges Up In The Air Again For 2013 Season”