With Covid-19 There Are No Such Things As Freedom & Rights

We’ve all seen those who will scream it from the rooftops that it’s their “right” to do as they please because it’s their “life”. There have been so many people who are bored with not being able to do things as usual that they’ve taken to the streets as well as other sources with whichContinue reading “With Covid-19 There Are No Such Things As Freedom & Rights”

Social Media Adds Gasoline To Covid-19 Fires And Fears

No Alcohol on shelves now either and why Social Media may be causing more panic than any other source of information.

If You Expect To Be Paid You’d Better Produce Employed or Self-Employed

Whether self-employed or employed by others, you have to push your personal life aside in order to produce well enough to get paid. That’s the bottom line to a pay check.

Why A Lot of Social Media People Are No Better Than Street Beggars

There’s something called “click bait” that journalists, vloggers and bloggers use to get readers or viewers to become interested in viewing their product.  They are quite common in social media platforms and entice readers, viewers or patrons to look at or, at the least, be interested in their wares.  Certain words, phrases and even photosContinue reading “Why A Lot of Social Media People Are No Better Than Street Beggars”

Personal Attacks Only Show Your Ignorance

It takes all kinds of people in this world to make it a world.  The strangest though, appear to be lurking around the net and on blogs as well as Social Media. Why is it that a complete stranger can read one blog post and assume that they know everything about me, my life, myContinue reading “Personal Attacks Only Show Your Ignorance”

Stay Away From Facebook If You’re Looking For Reality

If you can’t afford a trip to Disney World and don’t like going to church, take a romp through Facebook where everything is a joke, un-real fantasy seeming or, like going to church with prayers.  The place where nothing is real and everyone’s lives seem like they’re living in one huge either grateful or wonderfulContinue reading “Stay Away From Facebook If You’re Looking For Reality”