Just One of Those Blogging Blah Days

I’m sure every blogger has them.  They’re the days when everything in your life seems like someone pulled the plug out of the bathtub of your life and everything is draining out yet…you don’t have a clue on what to write about that won’t scare off any readers, bore them to tears of have themContinue reading “Just One of Those Blogging Blah Days”

Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes: What Broke Up Tom Cruise’s Three Marriages?

A lot of readers have come to this blog, wanting to know what it was that broke up the marriage between Tom Cruise and his first wife, Mimi Rogers.  It’s really not a big secret but, the alleged truth is that Scientology was behind the break-up or rather, the big-shots who were running it. RogersContinue reading “Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes: What Broke Up Tom Cruise’s Three Marriages?”

What Broke Tom Cruise’s Marriages?

What went wrong in Tom Cruise’s three marriages?  Was it Cruise’s devotion to his Church of Scientology religion or was it his ever-increasing fame? It seems that Tom likes his wives to be in their 20’s when he marries them and, all three marriages ended when his wives were 33 years of age.  Perhaps, it’s a statement that Tom doesn’t see himself asContinue reading “What Broke Tom Cruise’s Marriages?”

Suri Cruise: Child Or Princess?

  Take a look at this face. She’s cute.  She’s pretty.  She looks a lot like her famous mom, Katie Holmes and is dressed so well that she could become a fashion plate for kids, all by herself.  I’m sure there are media moguls out there who wake up and wonder what Suri is wearing today. ThereContinue reading “Suri Cruise: Child Or Princess?”

Keep Your Eye On Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes

  Tom Cruise has been far too quiet thus far in the aftermath of wife, Katie Holmes having filed for divorce from him and reportedly, seeking sole custody of their 6-year-old daughter, Suri.  Something is telling me that it’s not a good sign and that Cruise has cards up his sleeve that he’s not playing yet. Cruise hasContinue reading “Keep Your Eye On Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes”