Rob Ford Ill While Doug Ford Takes Over Mayoral Race: Does Toronto Lose Out?

The Toronto Mayoral Race is in full gear though, Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford has dropped out of the running for the Mayoral position due to his declining health issues. Ford was admitted to hospital last week with severe abdominal pain in the lower left quadrant.  Tests showed a large tumor in Ford's abdomen.  After several... Continue Reading →

Infamous Toronto Mayor Rob Ford In Hospital With Abdominal Tumor

Rockin' Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been lambasted with several things in this past week.  The latest came today when Ford was hospitalized in Toronto's Humber River Regional Hospital, having gone in for abdominal pain.  A CT scan has diagnosed a tumor in his abdomen, lower left quadrant.  A biopsy is to be done through... Continue Reading →

Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford Says He’s A “Spendaphobe” Not A “Homophobe”

When Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, refused to attend Toronto's Gay Pride Week celebrations, it was one thing.  When he sat and refused to stand up in council chambers while the rest of Toronto City Councillors gave a standing ovation to Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam for her work in organizing 2014's Gay Pride Celebrations, it was another nail in... Continue Reading →

Disgraced, Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford Aggressive And Disruptive In Rehab

Tarnished Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford has allegedly completed 2 months of rehab for substance abuse but, not without the usual controversy that he creates for himself. The Toronto Star newspaper had interviewed Ford on his time in rehab.  Ford told reporters that he did fine and dared the paper to go ask.  They did.  What... Continue Reading →

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