Is Ketogenic Dieting A Fad: What Are The Long Term Effects

The Ketogenic diet is all the rave right now as the Atkins diet was back in the 70’s. Everyone is going onto it but, is it really safe or sustainable? I know that the “Keto Fanatics” as they have been called are going to be all over me for even questioning this. No doubt, theyContinue reading “Is Ketogenic Dieting A Fad: What Are The Long Term Effects”

There’s No Big Secret To Losing Weight

There’s NO magic pill or formula to losing weight but, it must be a plan that you can stick to life-long or you’ll gain it all back again.

How To Lose Body Weight Not Wallet Weight

If you eat this way, you’ll lose weight. Try our programme and see how quickly the pounds will melt off.  (Jenny Craig, Nutri-System, Weight Watchers and the list goes on and on) Become Vegan. It’s dairy and animal products that put on your pounds and, you’ll be saving animals and the planet while you’re atContinue reading “How To Lose Body Weight Not Wallet Weight”

Why Do Vegans Proselytize

I’ve had it up past my ear lobes with Vegans lately, trying to turn Society into Apostles of Veganism.  Do they not realize that it’s akin to having a religious cult coming to us and trying to get us to convert to their religion?  It’s annoying to say the least. To say it as itContinue reading “Why Do Vegans Proselytize”