Estrangement, Feeling Alone & Why Would You Want Them Back

What is it going to take for younger people to know that ignoring the words of both governments and parents is giving them some rights but, at a cost somehow or in some way? Forget the pandemic. These adults don’t believe that it exists, is politicized or it won’t affect them. They can do whateverContinue reading “Estrangement, Feeling Alone & Why Would You Want Them Back”

Grey Matter Still Works During Estrangement

Did you raise your child to have a brain and thinking of their own?  I mean, truly…do you believe that your now-adult child was raised with some sort of intelligence or are they totally reliant upon others to think for them? If you answered “YES” that you do believe that your adult offspring do haveContinue reading “Grey Matter Still Works During Estrangement”

Why Did My Adult Child Estrange Themselves

AUDIO VERSION: (Transcript below for those who prefer to read)      “You are the adult, the parent and it’s up to you to keep the lines of communication going with your adult child by reaching out to them, telling them that you love them and keep on doing it even if you don’t getContinue reading “Why Did My Adult Child Estrange Themselves”